I Lost My Emails and I’m Okay

I could tell you this really boring story about how I accidentally deleted all my emails. I’d include details like how user files were stored in a strange folder on my computer. My hard drive was running out of space so I was trying to delete what I thought were obsolete files. They weren’t. Oops.

There are so many negative consequences because of these lost emails. I used emails to keep track of important things. Also, a lot of people will never hear back from me and probably think I’m a flake. Considering it all, I’ve been eerily calm about it. Maybe I’m even relieved a little?

A fresh start is a fresh start, even when it is forced on us. We can fight how the it happened all day long or we can give all that energy to moving forward.

Right now, if your home is a mess and covered in clutter, stop focusing on how it got that way and put your energy into making it better. Go start somewhere and put yourself in the direction you want to go. Do your dishes. Run the vacuum. Put away a load of laundry. Start somewhere.


email screen shot

Goodbye, emails! It was nice knowing you. You’ll be missed, but I’m too busy getting things done to dwell on it.

And look at that view of my email at zero. It is kind of amazing to see and I know it won’t last long!

Just keep going.

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10 thoughts on “I Lost My Emails and I’m Okay

  1. Is your address book empty as well? If not, then you might consider emailing a master letter to everyone on your email list, apprising them of your loss. Best of luck, Mary! So, sorry!

  2. Sorry about your emails! When our house gets really out of control sometimes, Jon will “joke” that we should just declare house bankruptcy and move out. He is joking, right?

  3. Sometimes I wish that would accidentally happen to me!!! I love though how you connected this to stop focusing on the overwhelming clutter and just get started. That right there calmed me a bit. Thank you!

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