FREE January Printable {2016 Calendar}

FREE Monthly Calendar Printables from Mary Organizes -v

Last year’s monthly FREE Calendar Printable was so popular, I want to do it again!

In my shop, I have four different layout versions of the calendar, as well as an editable version of each one.

  1. Vertical Layout with the weeks beginning on Monday.
  2. Vertical Layout with the weeks beginning on Sunday.
  3. Horizontal Layout with the weeks beginning on Monday.
  4. Horizontal Layout with the weeks beginning on Sunday.

For 2016, the monthly free one will feature the vertical layout with the week beginning on Monday.

You’ll find the FREE Download Link in either of the calendar products in my shop HERE.

The next month’s printable will be available at the end of the previous month. January’s is already available – so go get it now!

Happy planning!


FREE Monthly Calendar Printable - Mary Organizes -h

10 thoughts on “FREE January Printable {2016 Calendar}

    1. The link to the free printable is inside of the description of the calendars in my shop. I sell the whole year in the shop, but offer a month at a time for free. Hope this helps.

    2. Agreed. $8.00 is *not* free!This needs to be a separate link. Otherwise people like me get confused and thin you are trying to rip us off by charging for something you wrote was *free*.

      1. There is a free link. Like the blog post states, the link to the free printable is in either of the calendar products. Click on either one and there is a link in the description for a FREE download. Purchasing is a separate option and not necessary for the free download. Just to be clear: I am not trying to rip anyone off and when I said FREE, I was being sincere. I apologize if I could have stated more clearly in the blog post how to get to the FREE link.

      1. Thanks for the “further instructions” on free printable. Got it, but it’s for February. Just FYI. Your post says it’s for January and each following month becomes available at end of previous month, right? Does this mean I’m too late for January 2016 since it’s already February? Thanks for all you do here, on FB (LOVE that group – VERY helpful and TONS of ideas from other members!!) and for our benefit, whether we purchase or not (I have purchased, but always know it’s not “required”. It’s just another benefit for ME! You are following your calling, for sure and I’m following YOU!! :0) Thanks again for your encouragement, ideas and explanations that are so well written!! Thanks for the free printable(s), too!!! :) Terri

        1. Yes, this is the blog post that announced the January printable, there is a more recent post that announced the change to the February one. :)

          And thank you – I’m so glad that you are benefitting from the blog and the group. Knowing people are really benefitting makes it all worth it for me. :)

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