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Living Room Tour 2016 - 15

We spend a lot of time in the Living Room. My goal for the space is to give my family a comfortable, cheerful, and peaceful place. I also want all of my guests to feel that when they come in too. Welcome!

This yellow table is a raw IKEA piece that I finished last year in yellow. I love how yellow can exude softness and cheerfulness at the same time. You’ll also notice a bucket of toys on the table. That is where I keep the toys downstairs for my little guy. There aren’t specific toys I keep in it, I just keep whatever toys he brings downstairs in it. Then, when it fills up … I take the bucket upstairs and put everything away. Just a simple little system, but it does wonders for his sanity and mine.

Living Room Tour 2016 - 1

Last week I showed you my dining room; this is the view on how those rooms connect. It is an open concept, but not totally open. The living room is surrounded by rooms as it sits in the middle of the house. Because of the busy-ness all around, I keep the furniture in the room pretty simple. Notice I don’t have end tables or coffee tables. I’m not a huge fan because they just seem to become junk collectors and do more harm than good. I think there are setups that work really well for them, but I prefer this living room sans couch-tables.

Living Room Tour 2016 - 2

This view always looks so peaceful while the preschooler is napping and the big kids are at school. About 30 minutes after I took this picture, this view was full of little girls getting a snack.

Living Room Tour 2016 - 8

Living Room Tour 2016 - 3

Living Room Tour 2016 - 4

Living Room Tour 2016 - 7

The big soft sectional is where my kids crash their tired little bodies after long days at school. My favorite things to do on non-preschool mornings is to watch an episode of Mickey Mouse with my little guy (who just turned three this month), because he’ll let me snuggle him for the entire episode.

Living Room Tour 2016 - 5

The kid’s DVDs are hiding in this cabinet which is conveniently next to the tv.

Living Room Tour 2016 - 6

I did some major decluttering in here. I got rid of the back of my entertainment center! I will end up changing the decorations around on this wall, but for now I’m just enjoying the negative space.

Living Room Tour 2016 - 11

Living Room Tour 2016 - 12

Living Room Tour 2016 - 13

Living Room Tour 2016 - 14

I hope you’ve enjoyed the tour of my living room!

Happy Organizing!


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19 thoughts on “Tour My Living Room

  1. What is the name of your wall color? I really like that. I am thinking of putting a similar color on my living room.

    1. It is Sherwin Williams Balanced Beige. When my mom was picking paint colors last year, she noticed it was on a whole bunch of their design pallettes. It is a great neutral.

  2. I love the colors you’ve used!! I also love how you show the way the rooms work together, and how you’ve pulled colors from one room into the next, while still having them each retain their own look. It looks fabulous and relaxing, with a splash of fun. I love it! :)

  3. Beautiful space!!! I find no tables very interesting. What if you want a drink while watching TV…..where do you put it?

    1. I’ll pull a tray in from the kitchen and set my drink on it. The kids aren’t allowed to eat in the Living Room, though the 3 year old is known to walk and eat and leave a trail of crumbs behind him.

  4. I love how grouped pictures of people. Why is it so many say not to do that in a room? is it based on a size of room have you found. I want to put some up and everyone says no..but yours looks amazing. Love the colors, its so inviting.

    1. Thank you so much! Some people love collage/gallery walls and some people don’t. The thing is, in your home, you get to decide what you love. Do what makes you feel good in your home!

  5. Beautiful area. I love all the architectural details in your home, especially around the doorways! That sectional is so cozy looking!

    1. Thank you so much! We moved from that home early last fall and there are a lot of things I miss about it! We still have the sectional, though, and it is very cozy. :)

  6. Where are the PEARS? In your previous post you said you collected pears, so when you removed the section of your entertainment center where did all of the stuff that was on it go? My biggest problem when I declutter is where to put stuff that I just can’t get rid of.

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