3 Girls’ Shared Bedroom {Tour!}

Three Girls Room Tour

We chose a home with plenty of bedrooms, and it is a good thing, because we have lots of uses for them! When we moved into this home, each of the three girls had their own room, and then when we made room for a nursery a few years ago, the twins started sharing the larger bedroom and my younger daughter (23 months younger than the twins) kept her own room. That was a terrible idea. She hated the idea of a slumber party happening in the room next door while she slept alone, so she wound up in their room every night anyway. And so eventually we moved all the girls into one room and made the other bedroom their Clubhouse. I’ll be showing the Clubhouse during the Craft Room Week, since crafts are a big part of what happens in there.

Let’s just sneak in here while the girls are at school and I’ll show you around. I reminded them to leave their beds made before they left since I knew I wanted to take pictures. I surprised them with some new lip gloss in their catch-all bowls on their dressers for helping me. If you’ve read my blog for a while, you already know that I’m not a normal organizing blogger, but if you’re new, you’ll figure it out soon – these photos aren’t staged. #aintnobodygottimeforthat

The little basket outside the door is where I drop things that belong in their room or clubhouse and they are responsible for getting these items put away. The system works well enough that I don’t have to think too much about it – the basket stays empty enough.

Girls Room Tour - 1 Welcome

Daughter #3’s bed and furniture –

Girls Room Tour - 2 Girl Three

Daughter #2’s bed and furniture – she has had the dinosaur since she was 2.

Girls Room Tour - 3 Girl Two

Daughter #1’s bed and furniture and an assortment of stuffed animals she still adores. She has had the monkey since she was 2.

Girls Room Tour - 4 Girl One

There is a lot of empty space in their closet. If I don’t have something that “fits” – not just physically, but also would belong with the rest of their things – I’m not going to put it in their closet just to fill it up. The baskets are for off-season shoes and the bottom one is for Sunday tights that they share.

Girls Room Tour - 5 Closet

They each have a hook for their bags that they can fill up – and they fill them up. And they also tend to put belts from dresses over the bar of the closet  just to hang. It wouldn’t be my first choice of places, but if they know where it is when they need it – oh well.

Girls Room Tour - 6 Closet Bag Holder

The other side of the closet has built in shelves that fit personal suitcases perfectly. Each girl has her own suitcase and it goes on a shelf. The stuff on the top shelf is a kit that turns two twin beds into a King size bed for when we have guests that would use this room.

Girls Room Tour - 7 Closet other side

I use simple closet dividers to keep their dresses and skirts separated in the long hanging section. One thing I notice about this picture is that different children will hang the same skirt up in different ways. They bring their laundry basket to me and I wash their clothes and fold them, but I usually have them put their own clothes away, which includes hanging dress clothes.

Girls Room Tour - 8 Closet Clothes Dividers

And this little section of the closet reminds me that there is still an 8 year old in the room, who is very organized naturally and loves being with her big sisters … but she still has a soft little girly side that wants her stuffed animal families setup nearby her bed and I love it.

Girls Room Tour - 9 Stuffed Animals

The closet door is usually closed, but here is a view of when it is open. The girls also keep their robes on hooks on the door.

Girls Room Tour - 10 Closet

I think all spaces should be bright and happy, but especially children’s spaces. I tried to choose colors that were somehow both bright and soft to me, so that they could somehow soothe and cheer at the same time.

Girls Room Tour - 11 Window

The wall over here slants, but with short girls, no one has been bothered.

Girls Room Tour - 12 Slant Wall

All of the dressers were second-hand and then painted to coordinate. None of them actually match, but they go well together.

Girls Room Tour - 13 Side Wall

I’ve been slowly adding and building to the decor of their room since they were little, but I’ve always known what colors I loved for my girls – ALL the colors in the happiest of shades.

Girls Room Tour - 14 French Antique Dressers

And I want their room to speak to them when I’m not in the room to say stuff like this quote from Oscar Wilde “Be Yourself. Everyone else is taken.”

Girls Room Tour - 15 Be Yourself from Oscar Wilde

That is my three girls’ bedroom. I hope you’ve enjoyed this little tour!

Happy organizing!



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51 thoughts on “3 Girls’ Shared Bedroom {Tour!}

  1. I love this! I have three girls who are almost 5, 3, and 1. We plan to move into a new home within the next 6 weeks, and I am trying to get some great organizing ideas ahead of time for their shared room. I can’t wait to see your girls’ clubhouse.
    By the way, what is the color/brand of lavender paint on the walls?

    1. It is Sherwin Williams, the color of the lavendar is leaving my brain right now and I’m not close to my book where I have it written, but SW should be able to help you!

        1. I can’t remember right now and I don’t have the “home book” out for this house since we moved. I know it was Sherwin Williams in the lavender department. Sorry! :)

  2. I love the colours chosen for each girl, a peaceful haven created in their room. What are the measurements of that room to have ample room for each of the three girls? I’d love to call that room mine, 3 sisters growing & sharing together, how fortunate. Thx for sharing.

    1. I’m not sure of the measurements. The room is listed in the houseplans as a Bonus room, but we’ve always used it as a bedroom. I always wanted sisters, but I’m so grateful that they have each other when I remember how badly I always wanted that.

  3. Love what you have done. I also have 11 year old twin daughters and another daughter 17 months younger. I started off with double bunk beds and all three girls sharing a room. I have one twin very organized and she desperately wanted her own room. The other two have now started asking for their own space. Your pics made me smile and it is wonderful to see someone else’s “almost tripletts” journey!!

    1. We thought the mutual space wouldn’t work for the daughter that keeps her space the cleanest, but it has actually been good for her to help her sisters and they help her relax a little. People ask me a lot if they are triplets, and I think triplet infants would have been much more difficult! My youngest daughter says that my little boy is her “twin”. I love it. :)

  4. My son is the same way about the sleep over I let him sleep together on weekend or when no school the girls will sleep on a mattress in his room u dear his loft bed or on the bed with him they are 7 boy 5 twins girls

  5. I keep telling myself, she has girls, that is why it is so neat. Reality is, your kids have way less stuff. Our problem is that relatives keep buying for the kids. I tell them not to, but they just will not listen. Finally, my MIL took my advice and got them Circus tickets for the last birthday. Go me, one battle won. Love your girls room.

    1. We can’t control the gifts that come in, but we can control what goes out. Let the kids enjoy and be excited about gifts, but teach right away when it is time to put the gifts away that they need to decide what stays and what goes.

  6. Absolutely love your girls room!! Who wouldn’t wake up happy and cheerful in this room!! Makes me want to go and revamp my kids rooms :) I agree with Teresa that my kids have way too much and even when organized it just looks messy. I have some decluttering to do :) God bless…

  7. The room is colorful and I like how you don’t have a ‘matchy’ look. Love the color/pattern of the drapes! The room must be big enough for three twin beds and other stuff which is cool. Do you think they will want their own room at some point? I know I did when sharing with my only sister. =)

    1. I’m not sure if they will want their own room at some point. They may and so we may re-arrange things some day in the future. I try to take things one phase at a time. They are very happy sharing right now – they would NOT want to separate!

  8. Beautiful! You have done a wonderful job decorating and your girls have obviously learned to be organized. Wonderful to learn this as they are growing up. We have four girls and when they were growing up we moved to a farm with an old house and only two bedrooms. They had to share one room and I believe it helped them learn to share a space with someone else. Children who always have their own room find it harder to share with a roommate, husband etc.

  9. Love the room, especially the colors! I love your sense of style and amazing organizing abilities. I tried having 4 boys in one big bedroom when they were young…but the older they got, the wilder things got! I finally had to “divide and conquer”. I only had one daughter. Perhaps if it had been 4 girls instead it might have worked out better :)

    1. I have a feeling you are onto something … I think multiple kids being in the same kids working out well would be very dependent on the genders/temperaments of the kids! In my experience – Girls fight with looks and feelings, and boys fight with fighting. There is drama in this bedroom, but it is more of the “she looked at me and hurt my feelings” variety than the wild variety. Of course, the worst punishment is telling them not to talk to each other. Lol. I figure they may want their own bedrooms at some point and we may juggle things around to make that happen someday, but for now this really works and I think they feel really secure knowing their sisters are a few feet away.

  10. I recently combined my girls into one room and I LOVE so many things about this post:
    I love the laundry baskets! Where did you find them?
    I love the idea of the IKEA basket hanging outside the door. I use that exact system in the tub for their bath toys and it works great!
    I love the painted dressers! Did you use chalk paint like you did for the coral piece in your dining room?
    I love,love everything about the beds! Especially the headboards and dust ruffles! Any sources for those?

    1. I have those laundry baskets from target a couple years ago. I went back to get more and was sad that the color was temporary. Now they have other colors, actually different stores have different colors so look around, but I hope the light tealy blue comes back!

      1. It probably will. I seem to see it at different times of the year, like they change up their color schemes for the seasons (not a bad idea, Target!).

    2. Thank you!
      The laundry baskets are from Target.
      I didn’t use chalk paint for these dressers, mostly because I did the blue and green one about 2.5 years ago before I had ever tried chalk paint, so I used a semi-gloss. So when I did the yellow dresser this past summer, I wanted the sheen to match, so I did it in semi-gloss too. Otherwise, I prefer chalk paint because I wouldn’t have had to use a coat of Gripper beneath the yellow if I had just done the yellow.
      The headboards are from Target.com and the dust ruffles are from Overstock.
      Thanks again! :)

    1. I understand that! My girls have strong opinions too! I let them have lots of “choices” between things that I’m okay with and then they feel like they are in control. :) It has taken a lot of time to get it to a point where we are all happy with it. The older they get, the easier it gets too because they are more rational in their decisions and I can explain why something might work or look better. It is not easy!

  11. I have just recently moved and I’ve discovered something about closet shelves. Notice where the rod is and the shelf above it. My last home had 15″ or 18″ wide shelves. I noticed it because the things I had above the clothes would no longer fit in my new home…and I also noticed that the shelves did not extend over the hanger rod like they did in my old home. I think they try to save on the cost of lumber now and make skinnier shelves (or wire ones) Anyway, I am thinking about replacing the lumber to make them wider. Any suggestions on this…I never noticed the missing closet space till I tried to put a box that fit perfectly in my closet at the old home into the new closet! It doesn’t fit but hangs precariously over the edge of the shelf. If anyone is purchasing a new home…this is something to notice/measure. (Sorry to post this in your “little girl’s room” section….you can move or delete if you think it is not worth mentioning here.) I just love this little girl dorm room–I can see why they feel like it is a place for a slumber party…so cheerful with the colors you picked!

    1. Yes, newer closets are definitely made differently. My builder kind of threw shelves and rods up and I’ve just tried to make the most of it! I can understand your frustration.

  12. What size is the room? I have 3 girls and we are downsizing to a 2 bedroom. Would like to try something like this out.

    1. I’m not exactly sure what size, but it is a large room. In our house plans it was billed as a bonus room, but it had a closet, so we’ve always used it as a bedroom.

  13. I can’t thank you enough for this pin I have three girls ages 7, 5, and 3!!! And they have shared a room since I can remember, were moving and they will still have to share a room but its a little bigger, I hope you don’t mind I will be using some of your wonderful decorating tips, espically for the closet!

    1. Of course I don’t mind – use away! My girls are still sharing a room since we’ve moved, but the room is much smaller. I miss the bigger room, but I still like having them all together.

  14. Wonderful room! Just stumbled upon your post. My girls are 8,6 and 3. They love to share a room. However, my problem is how to minimize their wardrobe so it’d fit into the closet. We are lucky to have wonderful grandparents but it mean LOTS AND LOTS of cloths, especially dresses. My husband also loves to shop for them. I kinda feel like “the bad cop” because the stuff just overwhelms me so I need to set boundaries :-( any ideas?

    1. I think you already hit the nail on the head — you need boundaries with the junk. If they keep buying, set an amount limit and then “one in one out” when new things come in.

  15. We have too many clothes lol . . . I love this room if only . . . I have my 3 great neices living w me and they are very close . . Ages 5, 7, & 9 . . . But none of us are organizational!

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