Boy’s Room Tour

Boys Room Tour - Reading Nook

A few year’s ago I shared my little boy’s nursery with you. It is still similar with some adjustments. {See his nursery here.} He had just turned 1 at the time and it honestly blows my mind that he just turned 3 last month. He is still my baby! I imagine I’ll still feel that way about him when he is grown and has his own babies one day, but I just can not get enough of this kid. I mean, I’ve never met a 3 year old that makes so many jokes before. He tries so hard to keep us laughing … and he is very successful. I’m that crazy mom that still smells his head when I read to him because he still smells like my baby boy. I know, I’m nuts.

I’ve written about my girls and how differently they each approach organizing, and my little guy has his own way too. Because he is little, he isn’t expected to do any chore alone, but for practical purposes of him being my little shadow, I have him help me a lot. He wouldn’t have it any other way. In fact he’d like to do more things and I’ve had to have several conversations with him about how I am the one that needs to push the grocery cart and drive our car home (he just wants to help).

He keeps us laughing

Cougar’s room is often a gathering place for the family for our nightly family tradition of scripture reading and family prayer, since he is the first one to go to bed. We also do our routine in the living room too, it just kind of depends on if most people in the family are upstairs or downstairs already at bedtime. Because the family comes in here so much, I love the big open space on his floor for everyone to sit around.

Boys Room Tour - Open Floor Space

The gliding chair of his nursery was replaced by this green arm chair. I don’t rock him anymore, but he still sits on my lap when we read books at least twice a day. Sling bookcases make a lot of sense for a few years while picture books are the main attraction. They are so inexpensive now that it isn’t difficult to rationalize getting one, even for a such a short period of time. Cougar loves the independence of selecting books himself and putting them away himself. The books in the nightstand are a Winnie-the-Pooh Series we read at bedtime because they are adorable stories, but the pace is so slow and steady and they make him ready to close his eyes most nights.

Boys Room Tour - Reading Nook

The decorations on the wall are still there from when I created the room as his nursery. I created the pendent banners and animal art to add fun texture and colors.

Boys Room Tour

I have no idea where this started, but he calls his basket of stuffed animals their School Bus. It cracks me up. He is always picking out different animal families to sleep with him. The step stool is so that I can reach all the crevices of his crib and lift him out of the crib more easily since I am pretty short.

Boys Room Tour - Crib

This side of the room looks pretty similar from the nursery setup. There are some signs left that he is still a little guy. The whole family made that alphabet art to hang on his wall for his 1st birthday. The Winnie-the-Pooh clock has hung in all of my nurseries.

Boys Room Tour - Changing Table

We are able to keep his room clean fairly easily. First of all, there isn’t a ton stored here. Most of his toys are in the playroom because he is little and needs to be supervised while he plays, so it makes sense to have his toys where there are couches and places for family members to hang out. As he grows, his stuff will slowly move to the home-base of his room, where he will be responsible for it. For now, the toys in his room are very minimal with some blocks and puzzles that we sometimes do to un-wind a little right before nap or bedtime.

Boys Room Tour - Shelf

This is his closet, which is organized very simply. Dress clothes on the upper left. Regular clothes on the lower left. Days of the week outfits in the sorter. I used to do that for my girls until they requested not to anymore. I will do it for my son until he complains too I suppose! Certain outfits do better for certain activities he’s in (like his little gym class and soccer class he does during the week), so I like to pre-plan to make sure the right outfit is clean and available when we need it.

Boys Room Tour - Closet

I hope you enjoyed the updated tour of my little guy’s room. It is so fun for me to do these tours because I’ve realized how much I love looking back at them and seeing the changes through the years.

Happy organizing!


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11 thoughts on “Boy’s Room Tour

  1. Absolutely fantastic Mary! I don’t have a decorating bone in my body :-/ He is so precious :) You and your family are very blessed. Thank you for sharing <3

  2. Such sweetness! My 3 year old is still happy in the crib too. I know it will be soon that he is in a toddler bed, and I’m savoring this time as much as I know the big boy stage will be amazing too. He has older siblings too. I love how clean and open the room is! Thank you for sharing this beauty!!

    1. I love that my little man still loves his crib. In his whole life he has never cried to get out – ever. When he was an infant, he would cry for hunger or whatever, but he has never done that thing where babies stand at the side and cry. He is 100% content to play in his crib. If he has a book or a stuffed animal in there, he is happy! It is so crazy to me, because he tries to climb everything else in our house and I feel lucky every day that he hasn’t tried to climb out of the crib. I know it could end any day and the next stage will have it’s silver linings too (like a cute boy finding his way for a midnight snuggle! Am I crazy to look forward to that?!) I love that you are enjoying your boy too. I’m sure these boys know they are loved. :)

  3. Liked the room and the weekly clothes sorter – didn’t have anything like that when my children were small, it would have helped. One question, does the crib turn into a youth bed? [That means not major changes for a year more.]

    1. We think it might. We bought the crib used, so we aren’t sure, but my husband poked around and thinks that a side will come off and it will convert. We won’t know for sure until we try! We will definitely do that for a while, because I want to get a full size bed for his room and I have it in my mind that I want to try to make a quilt for his bed. It will take me a while to do that because I probably won’t even start until he is out of the crib. :)

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