Please Tell Me: How Did the Declutter Go?


There have been memorable parts of each declutter challenge, but I can definitively say that this declutter challenge was absolutely my favorite! The community of participants has been so enthusiastic and getting amazing things done.

And Decluttering is just the start! As I mentioned in the New Year, this year on the blog is all about falling in love with your homes again. I want to guide you to take back your space. Our next adventure will be Spring Cleaning and I know that you’ll approach this next project with the same determination as you approached your decluttering. {Look for details coming later this week with specifics!}

But first I have a favor, would you take a minute to tell me how the Decluttering Challenge helped you? What difference has a decluttered home made for you or for your family?

I’d like to pull together some of your experiences, along with some of your pictures, to share on the blog as we wrap up this year’s challenge. I think this could be very compelling for readers out there who are just watching and undecided about really trying.

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Thank you so much for coming on this journey with me! You make me excited for all the adventures to come!

Happy Decluttering!


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34 thoughts on “Please Tell Me: How Did the Declutter Go?

  1. Loved the decluttering of the coat closet! It always takes longer than anticipated but I feel so much better now that it is done! I’m not sure I could ever do 1 a day (what I budgeted for a 1/2 hour project took me 2 hours) but I’m looking forward to decluttering my linen closet this week. Thanks!

  2. I really enjoyed this challenge. And yes, I do mean “enjoyed.” For most of my life I was a really organized person, but I let things slide when I retired 6 years ago, and my mom’s health began to fail. I mentioned on the blog at the beginning of the challenge that this came along at a good time for me. My mom had recently passed away and the challenge helped me regain focus and gave me a goal to meet during the dreary winter months. I worked in every room, and the only “clutter” remaining belongs to my son which he’ll remove once he and his bride move from their apartment to a house. This final week, tho, I plan to do a final sweep of each room in preparation for your spring cleaning challenge. No matter what, I’ve always done both spring and fall cleaning, so I’m looking forward to the challenge, and what I can learn from you and others. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Mary!

    1. I’m so glad you found this too! Maybe the fun of doing my Spring Cleaning will be checking things off my list and getting to feel done when the list is complete. I struggle with feeling done, and it sounds like you might be a recovering perfectionist too?

  3. I am so glad I decided to do the de-clutter challenge! I tend to hang on to things because of sentimental value and had paper clutter from keeping important papers(tax records from 1971 to present) that had led to a lot of clutter. Boy has my shredder been busy! Have donated and thrown away a lot of things I wasn’t using. Did not realize how much all the clutter was bring me down. Still a little behind but will get it done! Looking forward to the Spring Cleaning challenge. Thanks for letting me be a part of this group.

    1. Thank you for joining in. I still remember years ago when I finally realized I didn’t need so many papers. It was about 3 years into my marriage and I was only 26 and my husband was only 32. I felt like I was shredding for days! And I’ve seen for clients when paper-keeping has gone on longer than that, of course that is when papers go to a professional shredding service, but still I know what you mean by a busy shredder and I can tell you that you did a lot of good work to get all of that out of your house!

  4. I am so glad I found your blog site. I recently retired so was planning on starting on a cleaning out process. This has been so helpful to me. Since it was the first go round I did not get everything done as scheduled but I did donate at least 20 large trash bags of items – mostly clothing. And, I didn’t even count the trash. I am looking forward to starting the process over again next year and will probably try to find time to work on areas that I missed. Again – Thank you so much!

    1. 20 bags is a huge accomplishment! Congratulations! It is a process that you come back to every year and it gets easier and easier, and you learn throughout the year how to accumulate less. This is going to be a good year for you!

  5. The challenge meant that when my daughter lost her house two weeks ago, she and her husband moved in with my mom and my two granddaughters moved in with me. Because my spare bedroom was decluttered, within 45 minutes we had them unpacked and settled. My mom and I live across the street from each other, so this way the family is able to stay close.

    The girls and I are used to spending time together so the addition of a teen and tween to my life is an easy one. And, my 88 year old mother is at the point where she needs somone to stay with her and monitor meds and housework. It makes the best solution for all.

    This challenge has made me laugh, frustrated, and feel what the heck was I thinking! But, now in my decluttered home I can find what I need or tell someone else exactly where it Is.

    Thank you for the guidance and encouragement.

  6. I got to week #2 and then life happened. :( Two weeks later, I couldn’t get my steam back up to get it going again and just stopped altogether since my family didn’t seem to respect all my new clean areas and organization. They dumped, piled, put things in the wrong places, complained they couldn’t find things, etc. I gave up. I intend to get back to it and follow this schedule because the first two weeks felt SO good. But, I’ll have to do it at a much slower pace, doing a lot of backing up and going forward over and over again.

    1. Check the bottom of the Declutter Wrap-up post for info about a private group I am offering for a Declutter Round 2. It sounds like you’ll be a great addition to the group!

  7. I have been decluttering for a year and this has been helpful. Still working on the attic and basement. Will do the garage this year. The rest of the house is in good shape. Easier to clean and keep nice. Thanks!

    1. The garage challenge will come in May – do it along with the group! Attics and basements – good luck! With what you’re learning during the other challenges, I have no doubt you can do it!

  8. the declutter challenge was great for me. it got me motivated to clean.. I have to do the bedrooms still but we are in the middle of remodeling all 3 so they will be DE cluttered as we put them back together. looking forward to the next challenge..

  9. We started out well…then we decided a yard sale was in order because we were getting rid of so many things that actually have value! We have over ten boxes of stuff so far and we only made it completely through week 4! As soon as our shop is finished and we can have our garage back, the fun will continue! Rooms will be gutted, carpets cleaned, and only stuff we need will be returned to the house. We can hardly wait! I really liked your post on memory boxes. I’m hoping we won’t be too burnt out at the end of this project so we can go through what we have kept and either get things displayed or organized in a way that makes them more easily accessible and enjoyable. Thanks!

    1. Oooh … sounds like the value of your stuff might have derailed your progress. I know that stuff has value, but it also has a cost. :) Give yourself a deadline with selling the stuff. If it isn’t gone, it is still clutter — becoming obsolete and weighing you down every day.

  10. This decluttering challenge was awesome. I cleaned out cabinets and got rid of so much “stuff.” I made almost daily trips to Goodwill and Lowe’s. I can put things away now in spaces where I used to “stick and stuff.” Finally got my hubby on board and he has been working on papers, shred. Rooms painted, showers repaired, light switches and outlets updated. It is screaming awesome! Thank you for your inspiration and sharing.

  11. The declutter challenge was the best thing I ever decided to do for myself and my family. I had to do it in less time which was harder because I was going away on a trip but I am so so glad I did it! I have a greater sense of peace and self confidence as a mom because I am actually able to take care of my 4 little ones and keep up the house without dropping dead exhausted from all the work! It used to take me days to actually clean and make my whole house look nice look nice and now it just takes an hour!! I am so happy that I took the challenge!

    1. I love to see your name come through my email with a comment. I’m so glad you decided to take on this challenge. You are an amazing mom and doing amazing things in your home – keep going!

  12. I didn’t make it past the kitchen because I had to complete two online courses and just didn’t have the time. However, I’m really happy with the kitchen and utility room cupboards! The courses are finished and I’m ready to get back to it, even though the challenge is over. I would have not accomplished what I did if it had not been for this challenge. Thanks!!

  13. My life and house is completely changed. Thank you for showing me how to be the excellent wife and mom I have always wanted to be. I can’t thank you enough.

  14. One thing I know is your simple, daily challenges were easier to accomplish than looking at the whole mess all at once. We are enjoying our organized, tidy spaces thanks to Mary!

    1. Isn’t that always true – looking at small parts is always less overwhelming than the big thing? It can be hard when you don’t know HOW to break up the big thing — and I am happy to help. Great job working through it – it wasn’t easy, and you did it!

  15. I got a lot done, didn’t finish the entire challenge but cleaned my entire main floor and there is a whole lot less STUFF!

  16. Truthfully, it didn’t go at all. I jumped in whole-heartedly in week one. Laundry room decluttered beautifully. Only to have my family re-clutter it again. Also, I’m in a season of several changes and transitions. You would think that is the perfect time to declutter. But, my mind and attention has been on the changes and the jobs/challenges each day brings. My husband and I did get some paper decluttering done and I got some closet decluttering down. But, you can’t tell it now. I’m looking forward to the cleaning challenge even though all the decluttering did not get done. Any deep cleaning I get done will be a help! I think 2016 will be a year of transition and I can only handle so much.

    1. You know, I honestly wouldn’t think that a stressful transition would be a great time to make a ton of changes. Positive transitions, like a new job or a new school year, that fill us with hope and a fresh start feeling are times to make changes. But if what you are going through is very stressful, then expecting huge accomplishments other than surviving may not be realistic. Maybe once you free yourself from all the stress of unrealistic expectations, you can look around and find a place here or there to make a small, meaningful change (just one at a time). Best of luck to you.

  17. Still a working progress, but Rome wasn’t built in a day either. A lot of changes need to be made and the even takes time. I’m not giving up and I’m going to keep at it even after I’m done, and I think everything looks great. I would like to thank you Mary for helping making it happen. Your my Mary Poppins and I love ya for it. :D

    1. You’re doing great! All the effort you put in adds up and you are doing wonders for yourself and your home. You will get there! I hope you will be joining our Round 2 group!

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