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Tuesday I showed you my husband’s office, which is the main office of our home, but there is another office in the house. It is so tiny, that I refer to it as “my desk”. As in when I tell my children to “go put your folder on my desk”. Before I created my studio upstairs where I create planners and write blog posts, this little nook is where I did everything.

My Desk Nook Tour - 1

I love the proximity to the kitchen because I can multi-task so well. For instance, I can do my weekly H.M. Session here while my kids unload the dishwasher close by … multi-tasking!!

My Desk Nook Tour - 2

This is the top left drawer of my desk. It is full of my essentials for handling whatever comes my way – pens, scissors, envelopes, and lots of post-its. I also have some chore sticks that I still use when my kids need an extra job (to earn an extra privilege or to make-up for some behavior). We no longer use those as the primary source of chores. (We use chore lists – and I’ll be releasing updated lists with Spring Cleaning, so be excited!)

My Desk Nook Tour - 3

The bottom left drawer has extra computer cords and phone charging cords, not to mention a little change jar.

My Desk Nook Tour - 4

This is the middle drawer of the desk. I am not the only one who uses this drawer. It is free-game for my girls when they are downstairs doing homework and working on projects or whatever. The tape goes really quickly, so I am having to re-stock it constantly!

My Desk Nook Tour - 5

This cabinet has a discbound punch, my camera, and two photo albums.

My Desk Nook Tour - 6

On the counter, I keep Bluetooth speakers (we pull these into the kitchen or outside when we want to listen to music while we cook or eat or hangout), our little Mac air, and all the Kids’ iPads.

My Desk Nook Tour - 7

I use these little cord tabs to keep the charging cords from falling down the hole when they aren’t plugged into the devices.

My Desk Nook Tour - 11

When I got rid of the bookshelves in the Office, I brought my favorite books onto these shelves. They had been pretty empty before. I also keep coloring books and my favorite parenting books. The baskets hold stationary and stamps. And of course I keep my Inbox!! (Read: Taming the Paper Trail to see how I effectively use my inbox to make my life sane!)

Just to the left of my inbox are some binders I use to supplement home management, but they are very optional. The 3 matching ones have page protectors in them and they hold professional prints of pictures. I also keep a family journal of vacations, a book of holiday traditions, books for the various volunteer work I do in the community, and then I keep a book of home improvements with receipts and paint chips, etc. (It is in my blog post queue to tell you more about that book!) .

My Desk Nook Tour - 8

This cabinet has my candles in the bin at the top, cookbooks below that (because I do my meal planning here), and then coloring stuff right below that. I grab those bins and bring them to the table for my son or my girls can reach themselves.

My Desk Nook Tour - 9

Before you see this picture and think “oh wow, she is so lucky that her kids really see the value in what she is doing for them”, let me explain this leaf. Last November, we did a family thankful exercise and everyone filled out a thankful leaf every day. When I read this leaf, I was filled with such joy! I asked Allison about it and she started to laugh: “Mom, I was joking! I knew you’d like me to say that!!” 10 year olds can be cheaky! I still keep that leaf up at my desk as a reminder of my dream and reality.

My Desk Nook Tour - 10

I know that everyone doesn’t have a full-blown office like my husband’s, and you may just have “a desk” like this, which is why I wanted to tour both of these spaces.

Happy Organizing,


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4 thoughts on “Tour my Little Office Nook

  1. That cheeky little Allison. :) Just love that child.
    She is so adorable. At least the thought ran
    through her mind that she is grateful for a clean
    house. :) i believe that someday when she is
    older she will be very grateful that her mom kept
    a clean home and she will be amazed at all her
    mom did while at the same time raising 4 children.
    Love, Mom xoxo

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