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When I showed how my three girls share a bedroom a few weeks ago (see their bedroom HERE), I mentioned how we shuffled around the bedrooms a little while ago to give my tween girls a hangout place in the house. We have the three girls close in age, and then a much younger brother. His stuff has taken over a lot of the playroom (see the playroom HERE), and I just really thought the girls needed a place where they could get away from the preschool toys and have more control over their space. When we created this room, we decided to call it the Clubhouse. The rooms in our house have developed nicknames over time, so for this room we just gave it a name from the start.

When I came in here to take pictures, I didn’t want to disturb too much of their personal areas, so I left their desk tops and the bookshelves as they were. Doing that takes a lot of self-control for a recovering perfectionist like me, but I know the girls enjoy having a place where they get to do their own thing. Tidying this room is in our chore rotation (so that person would straighten the bookshelf, closet, and sewing table), though each girl is responsible for her personal space.

Tour the Girls Clubhouse - 1

These three desks in a row are all from IKEA. I love the price and the way you can easily move around which side the drawers are on since the desktop is not connected to the drawers. This is probably the 4th version of furniture placement for this room. The girls really love to freshen things up!

Tour the Girls Clubhouse - 2

Their desktops show their personality so much, which I just love.

Tour the Girls Clubhouse - 3

The three shelves in the room are also uniform like the three desks, which makes it great when we want to arrange them in a unit like this. The shelves and the colorful bins inside are from Target. The awesome garbage can is from Hobby Lobby.

Tour the Girls Clubhouse - 4

Arranging chapter books, especially series, in these bins makes it easy to keep the shelf tidy!

Tour the Girls Clubhouse - 5

The room also has a walk-in closet. The top shelves have books that I pulled from the Office shelves that the girls will grow into as they get older. Some of them are great books, just a touch too mature for my girls right now. One of my daughters will literally read anything in sight. She’s even read the laundry detergent container, she just can’t help herself – if she sees something, she will try to read it. This is another reason I decluttered our Office Shelves (see the Office HERE) and the novels I kept either went to the upper shelves in my nook (see my Nook HERE) or on these top shelves in boxes. I just pulled some more books out when we decluttered this room together and will keep pulling more books out every year.

Tour the Girls Clubhouse - 6

This side of the closet is mostly craft supplies and Legos. The upper shelf that you can only see partially in the picture has a container of CDs for the room’s CD player. Their craft supplies on the next highest shelf include ribbon, beads, melting beads, stamp stuff, and cross stitching supplies. The shelf under that is all Legos. The shelf under that has more art and craft supplies.

Tour the Girls Clubhouse - 7

This side of the closet has our gift wrapping stuff in the drawers, their paint shirts hung up, and a drawer set of Legos. The Legos on the thing here is an in-progress build.

Tour the Girls Clubhouse - 8

These drawers have been great for Legos!

Tour the Girls Clubhouse - 9

This room just makes me happy. I love everything about it. The rug is from Zulily.

Tour the Girls Clubhouse - 10

I bought the chaise lounge chair used from a friend for my girls to have a reading couch. It gets used a lot!

Tour the Girls Clubhouse - 11

This is the girls’ sewing table. The little container under the table has their sewing tools. The flower arrangement was created by one of my girls’ who came to the store with me once and asked if she could make something to decorate the clubhouse. This is what she came up with – I think it is a great start to decorating!

Tour the Girls Clubhouse - 12

I hope you enjoyed the little tour of my girls’ clubhouse. We love this room so much more now than when it was a bedroom! Having all of this stuff in this room also helps keep their bedroom cleaner too!! Win-win!!


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8 thoughts on “Tour the Girls’ Clubhouse

  1. Mary, I had to laugh and at the same time say congratulations for… “When I came in here to take pictures, I didn’t want to disturb too much of their personal areas, so I left their desk tops and the bookshelves as they were. Doing that takes a lot of self-control for a recovering perfectionist like me.” because I’m thinking what was their to straighten up??? They and you have done an amazing job and looking at these pictures just makes me really smile :) Thank you for sharing!

    1. I know, I really do have a problem. I was itching to re-arrange everything to make it more aestheticly pleasing, but I really try to restrain myself. I tell them they aren’t allowed to re-arrange my spaces (because they try!), so I try to honor that in their spaces. It really is hard to resist the urge!!! :)

  2. Love the room – the white beadboard and soft lilac walls (or looks in the pictures) and just everything about the room is very cool. Lucky girls!

    1. Thank you! I saw soft purple walls against beadboard in a magazine a long time ago, so when we were moving into this house, I had it done to my girls’ spaces. I love it too!

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