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The office has seen many different looks in the last few years. We used to have big shelves up at the back of the room, but I stopped liking them. They just felt like dust collectors and I felt such a pressure to feel them with stuff. And really, I just wanted to get rid of the stuff. Also, the piano got moved out when my husband started working from home last year and my girls needed to practice after school while he was still working. But even after so much change in the office, it still looks a lot like it did.

Without further ado, the office –

There are two entrances into the office, these french doors allow partial privacy. So privacy from sound, but you can still see in or out.

Tour the Updated Office - 1

Welcome to our office! You probably can’t tell from the pictures, but my husband is a pretty big BYU fan. I know what I want to put on the left side of the”Y”, but it is a project I’ll finish after winter, when I can use my garage as a workspace.

Tour the Updated Office - 2

Some decor touches last longer than others. These navy burlap curtains still make me happy and fit this room, years later. They are pulled back now with hardware instead of fabric.

Tour the Updated Office - 3

The ceiling – still love the detail!

Tour the Updated Office - 4

The chair is a new addition because when my husband is in here so much, people often want to come in and sit with him for a little bit here and there. It makes a great reading chair. This is also the favorite downstairs place of our little man, Cougar. He loves playing with the Millennium Falcon. Admittedly it was hard for my husband to let my three year old son actually play with it because this particular Legos thingy is quite expensive and traditionally Star Wars fans just put these things together and then don’t ever touch it again, but I lovingly wore him down – “look how happy it makes him”. Just my opinion, but toys were meant to be played with and we have a home, not a museum. He is a really good dad!!

Tour the Updated Office - 5

From my husband’s desk, you can see a view of my little desk nook next to the kitchen. This is where I pay bills, go through my kids school papers, and take care of all the home stuff. I used to do all of my blogging and business stuff from there too, but now I have a full-time office upstairs for my work.

Tour the Updated Office - 6

These are now the shelves in the room. Quite a downsize from the huge shelves that were here before! Mostly they hold our photo albums and memory boxes. The tops of the shelves are a little more cluttered than I love, but I need to finish my project for the wall so I can get some of it off of the shelf tops.

Tour the Updated Office - 7

This “Y” was Matt’s birthday present last year. It was a winner! I love it as a centerpiece for the room.

Tour the Updated Office - 8

I created it using cedar wood screwed together with wood going the opposite way in the back and then I painted it and distressed it.

Tour the Updated Office - 9

I still love the desk, which was the first piece of furniture I selected for this home before we moved in. I loved the way the “windows” on the back would mirror the “windows” on the ceiling. The other day when Matt and I decluttered the office together, I sat in the chair while he sat at his desk and I told him I was going to treat him like a real client and talk to him about the maintenance plan for his office. It was kind of hilarious, because I’ve never had a client tell me that he preferred to procrastinate, so if I could help him develop a system to perfect that. We brainstormed “great ideas” and ironically you can find many of them on Pinterest under the guise of helping you get organized. Ha!! I’m telling you – my toughest clients live right here!!

Tour the Updated Office - 10

I hope you’ve enjoyed a little peek into the office. Really dig in to decluttering your office this week! A decluttered office is sooo worth it!

Happy Organizing,


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12 thoughts on “Tour the Updated Office

    1. Thank you, Daria! The fabric was a chair cover from Pier 1 five years ago. I’m so nervous for it to wear out because I LOVE it too.

  1. I love those French doors and the office looks great. Thanks for the inspiration, this is going to be a hard room for me to work on it I am determined to do it!

  2. If you ever need anything from the “Y” let me know. I’m minutes away and happy to send. What a fun office for your hubby but not to guyish. Love it. I’m trying to work through ours but we will probably have a “scout” theme since that is our life right now.

    1. Thanks, Lori! I appreciate that! I had to decorate his office in a way that he would feel comfortable being in all the time, but it would still match the flow of the house. :)

  3. Very nice – love the bead board paneling and how this was done vs what you usually see. Love the ceiling too! If you could see my hubby’s room right now, it’s worse then a teenager’s. Although we don’t entertain much, and yet when it happens, hubby’s door is definitely closed and for good reason. He does not want me messing with anything either and surprisingly I don’t. He truly has piles of papers all over and continues to keep his school books/notebooks of notes that are now 15 years old and won’t part with them. Got to love him! ha

    1. I’m glad you can close the door, because I’m sure that helps you focus on what you can do. We’ve all got clutter, just in different forms, and we are all on different journeys to clear the junk.

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