Household Management Checklist – The HH List

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This is the Printable that is my biggest secret for keeping my home maintained year-round. Read: The Art of Maintenance Living (and NOT Playing Catch-up All.The.Time!) 

Of course, having a handy Household Checklist doesn’t do much unless you have a plan on how to use it regularly. The plan is to make it a part of your Weekly Cleaning Routine. I leave a spot open for it every Friday in my routine.

Of course, you can surprise yourself every week with what your task will be, but I find that most people are successful if there is a little pre-planning involved. There are different options for planning what you’ll do on your HH List Chore Day. Don’t worry, both are easy!

  1. The first and best option is to look at your HH List when you plan your week (I suggest planning the week ahead every Sunday night) and write the task in your planner. If you have a Mary ORGANIZES Home Management Planner, the HH List is already in the Home Management Section of your planner for easy reference.
  2. Every week during your Home Management Session (HM Session), take a look at this sheet and add a task (or two if it makes sense) into your weekly plans. It is a sensible and manageable way of spreading big cleaning tasks throughout the year.
  3. The other option is to look at the week ahead as you complete a chore and check it off the list each week. In all of these cases, you are using already-existing events to remind you to look ahead and plan. It is always easier to build on already successful things.

***You can download this Printable for FREE HERE****

Editable Upgrade

Also, I created an Editable PDF File so that you can keep track of everything electronically. It’s in my shop!

Household Checklist Editable - shop


I hope this HH List becomes your secret weapon for keeping up with it all too!


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24 thoughts on “Household Management Checklist – The HH List

  1. Very organized! Thank you. Some Of the items such as winterizing sprinklers I don’t have to do. I live in central Florida and a townhome. We also just moved in with five households worth of belongings due to three deaths in the family and my grown daughter moving back in. Plus I’m in year one of a two year recovery from a major surgery and illness but I’m super excited to start living and Organizing again. Thank you for the well thought out PDF.

    1. It is this little idea I heard when my oldest two (twins) were little. I have a copy of the Dr. Seuss “Oh, the Places You’ll Go” for each of my four kids. Each spring, I take the books around to their teachers and have them sign it. I will give the books to my children at their high school graduation. :)

      1. I don’t have kids but this is a great idea! Wish my mom had done that. I will pass this onto my friends with grandchildren. Good for you and your children. What a treasure!!! Holly

    1. There is actually a completely updated version in the planner shop – it is in the Home Management section of my planner. This blog post is a few years old. :)

        1. It is included in the Home Management Section of the planner download. I don’t offer it individually right now. That is a good idea though. :)

  2. Thank you for this Blog. I moved into this house years ago and have yet to fully unpack. Possibly because we have two household’s worth of “stuff”. My mom lived with us and she passed away over a year ago… maybe you can discuss how to properly sort items that belonged to a loved one that passed away?
    Thank you again for blessing us with your gifts.

    1. I deal with some of those issues in the Reading List recommendations. Did you have a chance to read those yet? What you are going through is very difficult, and unfortunately very common.

  3. I have been following you for a number of months, and love reading and learning from you. I have had some minor success in following your suggestions. My biggest problem is that I have a very hard time getting rid of stuff. “What if I need it again someday?” “So and so made this for me, how thoughtful! How can I possibly get rid of it?” “No one else can appreciate this as much as I have, so I should keep it even though I no longer need it.” “I think I can fix this someday.” “This was my mothers. It’s old and worn now, but it’s 50+ years old. How can I possibly get rid of it?” If you have any suggestions on how I can get past this roadblock, I’m listening. Thank you. – Susan

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