2016 Spring Cleaning Challenge

This challenge has become so much more than I expected before I put it together. I feel confident that you will get so much more out of this than just deep cleaning. You will feel ready to maintain your home throughout the year and reset your weekly Cleaning Routine. I’ve shared many of these different ideas over the years in many different blog posts, but I’m filling in the gaps and putting it together in a way I never have before.

This is a challenge, so get ready for a ride! Unlike the long 13 weeks of the Declutter Challenge, this project needs 5 weeks of attention to make a difference in your home and family for years to come. Can you give me 5 weeks? 

We will not actually clean every square inch of your home (though we will get pretty far). We will use the first 3 weeks to Deep Clean most places for some traditional Spring Cleaning. My philosophy with Spring Cleaning versus spreading cleaning out annually is to do some of both. During Week 4 of the challenge, we will learn all about how to manage the Maintenance Plan and how to use the HH List (Household Checklist). We’ll get caught up with laundry and plan our cleaning routines for the next week. During Week 5, we’ll Reset Our Cleaning Routines and live happily ever after … mostly.

And while the Spring Cleaning Challenge is going on, I’ll be posting new content as well as updating older content that will help educate and inspire you. I guess you can say that my blog will be getting a little bit of Spring Cleaning right along with the challenge, which will help you get the information you need to know when you’re thinking about it.

The fun starts in one week, April 11th!

How to Participate – 

The weekly tasks for the challenge will be given right here on the blog. This challenge is open to anyone who wants to join us during the next five weeks! I recommend involving your friends and family, because the more people you know following along, the more accountable you will feel to follow through.

Blog posts will go live early Monday morning, and the email (if you are subscribed to the blog newsletter) will arrive in your inbox Monday morning.

FREE Resources to help

  • Subscribe to the blog to receive emails when a new blog post publishes, like the challenge tasks. Subscribe using the little subscription box (mobile users –> scroll to the bottom of the screen or desktop users –> it is on the top right sidebar).
  • Like the Mary Organizes Facebook page, because new challenge blog post links will be posted there, as well as other motivation throughout the week. (Facebook is funny – you may need to select “receive notifications from this page” to actually see the posts even if you like the page.)
  • Get motivated on Instagram. This is the place I post most candidly and in real-time. (Since Facebook purchased Instagram, you now have to select to receive those notifications as well – yay.)
  • Join the Mary Organizes Facebook group called Get Organized Today. This is an enormous and active group of people doing the challenge together. Have a question about something while you’re doing the challenge? Lots of people will have answers. It is an amazing group and the focus this year is on Loving our Homes. (**Please read and understand the rules so that you get to stay in the group. That group is thriving in part because of amazing moderators who put out fires most people never even notice burning. Not only that, each of them has a heart to help group members and can often be found supporting and encouraging. Thank you, ladies!)

Spring Cleaning Challenge - 2016 More Help (*optional)

There is also an optional Printable Pack available in my shop for anyone who needs a little more help. Purchasing this printable is absolutely not required to successfully Spring Clean with us, but I did work hard on making it a great supplemental resource for those who choose to purchase it.

The Printable Pack has

  • a calendar of tasks for visual people.
  • checklists for linear people.
  • extra tips and advice that comes from a lot of experience.
  • summary descriptions on how to complete each task (some of these will also be available on the blog, but not all).
  • a Household Checklist (you’ll use this year-round for tracking annual maintenance).
  • Cleaning Routine Printable images.
  • best of all, it puts all the information together in one place for easy access.

Buy your Spring Cleaning Challenge Printable Pack HERE.

Snapshot - Spring Cleaning Printable Download - Mary ORGANIZES

My Favorite Cleaners

Shaklee’s Basic H is my personal favorite cleaner, which is why I use it in my cleaning tutorials. Obviously you are free to substitute your favorite cleaner. I try to use descriptive words like all-purpose, disinfectant, window cleaner, or degreaser in the printable pack to help you know what kind of products you’d otherwise use when substituting. I am a Shaklee distributor now, but I chose to use these products before I sold them or even had this blog because I really do just prefer them. I like that they are natural, so I don’t worry when my kids use them, and they actually work. I do not have time to mess around with anything that doesn’t work. Starting with a Get Clean Kit is the best bang for your buck. You can purchase Shaklee HERE.

My wish-list for you to get started would be the Get Clean Kit, Basic G, and Scour Off, because you’ll have everything you need to clean almost anything, from laundry to kitchens to bathrooms.

get clean


I can’t wait to go on this Spring Cleaning adventure with you. This new format makes the entire experience feel brand new even though I’ve Spring Cleaned many times. Thanks for being here and following along with me. I really do have the best readers on the whole planet!

Happy Spring Cleaning!


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49 thoughts on “2016 Spring Cleaning Challenge

    1. The $99 is the member price, and I think there is a special right now of a Free Nembership, but do t quote me. I can’t call their field support until tomorrow to confirm, but you can put it in your cart and see if anything automatically reduces at checkout!

          1. Thanks, Cyndi! Yes, I forgot that shipping can have to do with where you live. I went and looked at the shipping on the last order, but maybe they live near a distribution center.

  1. I can’t wait to get started with the cleaning challenge! Im still working on decluttering. But all the decluttering is making me see how much I need to deep clean!!

  2. Hi Mary,
    I am ready to make a purchase but was wondering if you offered samples of any of the Shaklee products.


    1. I don’t do samples because Shaklee offers a guarantee of the products, so if you order and don’t like them, you can get a full refund!

        1. FYI for your customers. Membership is free with kits or if you accumulate some number over 100 PV (points). Otherwise the membership is 20.00.

    1. Oh no!! Read it on the screen until you can get it fixed. :) If all else fails, 28 pages, double-sided at an office store is always an option!

  3. I’m trying to purchase the spring cleaning packet, unfortunately everything that I clink on to attempt to purchase indicates the page can not be displayed. ?

      1. I ended up ordering from my phone – still can not get website to work via my desk top. How long before I will receive the download?


        1. When will the e-mail come with my printable order, I purchased it on 04/04 and have not seen an e-mail yet? thanks

        2. Valerie – I think there was a typo when you entered your email address when ordered because I just checked your order to see what the problem was (you should definitely have the download email already) and noticed the email is slightly off than the one you entered in this comment. Can you email me mary@maryorganizes.com so I can reply to your email and get you your files? Thanks!

      2. I’m also having trouble with your actual website. I cant even get it to come up but all links to it for the packet are “page can not be displayed”

        1. I’m not sure what’s happening, but I’ve let the website admin know. They think you might have caught a bad moment when they were making an update. I’m sorry for the trouble!

          1. I too am having trouble. Cleared cookies – 2 different days & still can’t pull up the site.

  4. I am still plodding on with the declutter challenge (I got rid of 30 rubbish bags from 4 bedrooms!!) but am SO excited to start the deep clean. You have made such a difference to my life, especially my state of mind!! Who knew that a tidy house would make me SO happy. Thank you

  5. I ordered the spring cleaning download last night and it is very good! I already started the challenge as I will be out of town as soon as my daughter in love has my grand-baby!!! I figure if I get a head start I will be able to keep up. Thanks for doing this. I always fail to maintain. This time I hope to be successful!!!

  6. The spring cleaning challenge is just what I needed to spend some of my spare time doing something useful for my home. I got tired of activities that are repetitive and a 5-week project will surely keep me busy. Moreover, at the end I’ll benefit from having a much more cosy and comfortable place and the wife would love it. I just need more info about Shaklee’s Basic H ? Is this cleaning agent safe to use without gloves because I really don’t like wearing any ? I’m hyped about this project and already sent some of my employees to do a house clearance of the attic, which was stuffed with damaged furniture. Is that a good start for a declutter challenge ?

  7. I’m pretty excited by this challenge & I’m considering downloading the spring cleaning packet. But 2 questions before I do… (1) What are the benefits of the download vs. just following on the blog? (2) I have health challenges that make cleaning for extended periods of time difficult. How much time commitment each day should I plan on while following the spring cleaning? And if I’m physically unable, is it broken down into various parts that I could spread it out over more weeks if needed?

    1. What stands out to me as some important differences are the complete calendar, checklist, household checklist that is very important to maintenance, and cleaning routine principles, summary descriptions of the tasks, extra advice on how to put it altogether. Also, it is a huge convenience to have all of the information in one place. I think the tasks are definitely broken into chunks that you could spread further if needed. If you’re able, I really do think the printable is worth it, which is why I created it. :) What will be on the blog will be the tasks, but not all the in-depth info with each thing. I’ll give everyone enough to move forward successfully, but it won’t be as much as is in the pack.

  8. I ordered and just finished reading the printable pack. There is so much helpful information in it!! You break everything down into doable chunks. I can’t wait to get started. I dropped the ball on the declutter challenge, but hope to keep up with this one. Feeling overwhelmed by everything is my biggest challenge. Just reading the pack has already put me more at ease. And dare I say that I’m actually excited to start cleaning instead of dreading it?? Never thought I would feel that way. I’m also ordering your Shaklee starter cleaning kit. I think the price is awesome for everything you get and since I’ve started eating healthier (8 weeks now and feeling great!), AND I quit smoking, I want my house to be healthy too. :-) Mary, you’ve made a difference in my life. I can’t thank you enough for giving me the push I so needed!!! Have a blessed day. :-)

    1. Wow!! You are making so many amazing changes! Just keeping going at it!! My hope was to make this Spring Cleaning seem do-able, and the only way I could think to do that was to combine it with a good Maintenance plan. I admire you for just picking up and trying again! You’ve got this. :)

    1. The tasks will be posted on the blog each week and some of the cleaning tutorials will be on the blog. If you want to make sure you have everything, the printable pack is a great resource. :)

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