Pegboard Hack & Organizing Garage Shelves

Pegboard Hack and Organizing Garage Shelves -v

There is no hiding that shelves are my favorite organizing piece of furniture. They are just so dang flexible to whatever you want to put on them! And I’m falling almost equally in love with pegboards for their versatility with small tools. I used my first pegboard at MY house in my studio last year and I’ve been chomping at the bit to put up more.

My Pegboard Hack

For my garage, I decided to combine two of my organizing loves and put my pegboard right into my shelf. Often times you see pegboards above tool work-tables or work-benches. That might be the right move for craftsmen in a shop who are making things often, but my tools are just stored here, and are taken ALL OVER my house and yard to be used. I don’t need the space in my garage open and ready to use them, just to access them.

We simply slipped the shelf and brackets out of our adjustable shelving (it is stored under the shelf), and trimmed the pegboard down to fit the space inside.

Pegboard Hack and Organizing Garage Shelves 4

If you’ve never installed pegboard before, it is so easy! You can buy it at most hardware stores. Once you have it sized just right for your space (maybe inside your shelf!), use strips of wood at the top and bottom to screw the pegboard into the studs in the wall. We use a stud finder to figure out where our studs are (you know … the wood-framing pieces behind the dry wall). I used 1″x2″ pieces of wood, like in the picture below. Make sure your screws are about 1 3/4″ – 2″, because it has to go through the pegboard, board, drywall, and then into the stud!

Pegboard Hack and Organizing Garage Shelves 9


This little pegboard hack has greatly improved the usability of the tools! Now instead of fumbling around for the tool I want, all the most common tools are visible and accessible. This has already become my husband’s favorite part of the garage, but we both use it!

I like a mix of hooks and baskets for pegboards so that I can keep things together that make sense, even if they don’t hook up well. I wish I could tell you there was an exact method to hanging things on pegboards, but it is pretty much – play with it until it all fits!

Pegboard Hack and Organizing Garage Shelves 5

On the same shelf as the pegboard are the other tools, including a crate with our power tools. Normally screws would go in the toolbox, but the box in here is for the garden box project we’re working on. We will be grabbing this crate and taking it right to the back porch to work on the garden beds. You can see the red sawdust from the beautiful cedar wood we’ve been cutting lately in the garden. It is going to be amazing!

Pegboard Hack and Organizing Garage Shelves 1

When we took the shelf brackets down in the front and back for the pegboard to go in, we left the side pieces in. I knew I’d want to use it for things like storing our clamps.

And our power tool battery hangs conveniently near the tool shelf. Proximity is important when you’re organizing! 

Pegboard Hack and Organizing Garage Shelves 2

I love timers. I keep them all over my house. This one comes in handy for so many reasons. “5 more minutes outside, kids!” <— That is just one of them.

Pegboard Hack and Organizing Garage Shelves 3

I love this little hack of mine, adding the pegboard into the shelf – from any view it just makes me happy!

Pegboard Hack and Organizing Garage Shelves 8

Organizing Garage Shelves

Before you organize your garage shelves, stop and think about how you really use them.

Do you just want to store things? Then you just need to find containers that maximize the shelf space for optimal efficient storage usage. Measure the shelf opening and take the tape measure to the store!

Will you be getting things in and out often? Create easy drop containers. That’s what I’ve got going on in this picture of my garage shelf below. All of the blue containers are open because they are things my kids play with every time they’re in the garage, so they are in and out constantly. If you can’t find partially open containers that you like, try crates (see the other shelf) or a regular container and store the lid elsewhere. That way the container can be pulled out and the contents easily accessed.

Do you have a mix of storage and things you’ll be getting in and out often? Use the hard to reach shelves (top or bottom depending on your height) to place your storage items, then use the most easily accessible shelves to store the things you’ll want to access frequently. In this picture below, the things on the top shelf are rarely used. Also the chemicals in the orange bucket are rarely accessed.

Pegboard Hack and Organizing Garage Shelves 6

The beauty of these shelves is that not only do they look good for this picture, but they easily stay looking good! That is because they aren’t too cluttered and they are easily self maintaining. Also, when it is obvious where something belongs, it is easier to put it back in the right place, so things don’t just get crammed onto the shelf … they get put away properly.

Pegboard Hack and Organizing Garage Shelves 7

Do you have a pegboard in your garage? How about shelves?

Whether you combine the two or not, I want you to have a garage that you love. You deserve that! If you haven’t already, read Let’s Organize The Garage: Tips & Strategies!

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Happy Organizing!


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Pegboard Hack and Organizing Garage Shelves -s

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  1. I have sent this to my husband. He is always cleaning, straightening, or organizing the garage and I still can’t find anything in there! Maybe together we can make it great. Thanks, Mary.

  2. I would like to do this with my husband for Father’s Day. Where did you get your shelving and black tote baskets?

    1. The big shelves were from Sam’s Club about 6 years ago, but I’ve seen similar ones still there and at other Hardware type stores too. The black crates are from Target. :)

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