Week #4: Maintenance Jump-Start {Spring Cleaning Challenge 2016}

This is the Week 4 of the Spring Cleaning Challenge and it is time to Jump-Start Maintenance. Are you so excited?!

If you missed it, the last 3 weeks we’ve focused on Deep Cleaning. You should be feeling good about a lot of those miscellaneous tasks it is so easy to put off like window cleaning and dryer vent cleaning. But you will feel even better after the news I’m about to share.

All the work you’ve done the last 3 weeks let’s you start the maintenance plan with a head-start. Yes, you heard me, you are ahead … you are done forever with catch-up cleaning!!!

Keep following the plan this week and I will help you learn how this is do-able.

Next week, our 5th and final week, we will put everything together and Reset our Cleaning Routines.

Remind yourself why you want to maintain instead of live in Catch-up mode!

The Art of Maintenance Living - s

As a reminder –

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More Help

There is also an optional Printable Pack available in my shop for anyone who needs a little more help. Purchasing this printable is absolutely not required to successfully Spring Clean with us, but I did work hard on making it a great supplemental resource for those who choose to purchase it.

The Printable Pack has:

  • a calendar of tasks,
  • checklists,
  • extra tips and advice that comes from a lot of experience,
  • summary descriptions on how to complete each task (some of these will also be available on the blog, but not all),
  • a Household Checklist (you’ll use this year-round for tracking annual maintenance),
  • Cleaning Routine Printable images,
  • and best of all, it puts all the information together in one place for easy access.

Buy your Spring Cleaning Challenge Printable Pack HERE.

Spring Cleaning Challenge - 2016

Maintenance Jump-Start Week #4

I will be post a lot of supplemental blog posts this week (in addition to the information found in the packets) to help you put all of this together!

Monday – Start Laundry Plan & Catch-up with Laundry  {Read for Help: Beyond Killing the Laundry Monster}

Tuesday – Plan Your Clean Routine {Read HERE}, Daily Habits {Read HERE}, & Start HH List {Read HERE}: This is about sitting down and creating a plan!

Wednesday – Deep Dusting: Dust all of the different zones in your house to decide a rotation for your weekly dusting chore that will begin next week. Popular zones – Light fixtures, ceiling fans, walls, baseboards, above cabinets, picture frames, etc.

Thursday – Deep Clean Bathrooms: You started this during deep cleaning, now you are finishing cleaning every square inch of the bathrooms and deciding on a good rotation that works for your family/home circumstance as you begin a weekly “bathroom cleaning” chore next week. {Read for Help: How to Clean the Bathroom}

Friday – Delegate: Discuss sharing of responsibilities with other household members and Prepare Kids for Chores. Discuss and agree together with other adults. Prepare and Train children for their assignments. {Read for Help: Kids Routines and Chore Lists}

Saturday – Catch-up! This is the day to do any of the tasks you were unable to complete during the week. It might be a long day, but it is even possible to do it all today if necessary.

Sunday – Rest

*Summary descriptions are in the printable pack and I’ll select some to also share on the blog.

Until Next Time …

If you need to delegate, hiring someone to clean your windows or a professional to clean your floors would make this week a lot easier. You still get to check it off your list if someone else helps you do it! And for that matter, kids can help too! Finish this week off strong, because next week is really important.

Deep Cleaning Week #1.

Deep Cleaning Week #2.
Deep Cleaning Week #3.

Next up … Week #5 Reset Clean Routines!


Happy Spring Cleaning!


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