68 Simple Places To Organize {Week #1 of the Summer Organizing Challenge}

SOC Week 1 - Practice the Steps of Organizing -v

Welcome to the Summer Organizing Challenge!

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Week 1 – Practice Makes Progress!

We are going to start this challenge off with a bang and knock off a whole bunch of little trouble spots off your list right away. {You can read the details on how this challenge will work HERE.}

First, you’ll want to review How To Organize. There are 6 steps, and following them in order does make a big difference in not putting the cart ahead of the horse and getting overwhelmed or wasting a bunch of energy. {Read How To Organize HERE.}

This week, you get to choose your own adventure while practicing the steps of organizing. Each day this week, Monday through Saturday, select one of the areas from the list to organize.

68 Simple Places To Organize -v

68 Simple Places To Organize

Bathroom Drawers Laundry Room
Beauty Products Leftover Containers
Bedroom Closet Linen Closet
Bills & Receipts Magazines & Catalogs
Bookshelf Mail/Paper Piles
Charging Station Makeup
Children’s Artwork Medicine Cabinet
Children’s Dress-ups Memory Boxes
China Cabinet Music
Clean Out Purse Nightstand
Clear Kitchen Table Pantry
Clothes Pet Supplies
Coat Closet Photos
Cookbooks & Recipes Pool Stuff
Cookware Porch/ Deck
Craft Supplies Purses/Bags
Desk School Supplies
Dresser Seasonal Decorations
DVDs Sheets
End Tables Shoes
Filing Cabinet Socks
First Aid Supplies Spices
Food Storage Sports Equipment
Fridge Stand-alone Freezer
Games Tools
Gift Wrap Supplies Towels
Glassware Toys
Hair Products TV Cabinet
Jewelry Under Bathroom Sinks
Junk Drawer Under Beds
Keepsakes Under Kitchen Sink
Kitchen Cabinets Vehicle
Kitchen Drawers Video Games/ Electronics

Make Your Plan

After reading the list, what places have you decided to organize this week? Take a second to plan it out and write it down right now. Be specific in your plans! For example, the list may have said “dresser,” but plan which dresser in your house you want to work on this week.

Plan something for Monday through Saturday. Go ahead and think it through, don’t leave it up for chance, or chances are not much will happen!

It’s okay if your list has some easy ones in it. Make sure to challenge yourself at least once or twice this week, because you deserve to get some problem areas crossed off your list!

This is a Challenge, but you’ve got this!

This is a challenge, no doubt about it! Finishing 6 organizing projects in a week is a big deal, but you CAN DO THIS! Be selective, block off the time, say no to adding other commitments. You want to be in control of your home. You want to be organized. This is the time to make a big start.

Have a fantastic week of organizing! Let me know how it goes!!


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2016 Summer Organizing Challenge Printable Pack -s

14 thoughts on “68 Simple Places To Organize {Week #1 of the Summer Organizing Challenge}

  1. This is a hectic week in our household, but I’m digging in with the challenge, anyway. One of the areas I plan to declutter and organize is my bathroom drawer/my side of the bathroom sink, and all the mess that’s taken residence there. :)

  2. I did many of these when I was doing the decluttering challenge. And, there are some that are on my every week list – the refrigerator, cleaning out my purse, keeping my clothes closet in order just to name a few. Thanks Mary!

    I will try to choose a couple of the more difficult ones to work on in the next few weeks. Organizing my cookbooks and recipes, and bills and receipts have both been neglected for a long time.

      1. It was easier and quicker than I thought to clean out my bill/receipt folder in the command center. I put my shredder to work on some of the older receipts I no longer needed.

  3. I have the coat closet decluttered, beauty products and first aid supplies separated and labeled already! This list is great and perfect for a small organization project that puts a smile on my face! Thanks Mary!

  4. Great ideas. Someday I will have to start and I might use these tips. It might be tricky since we have a basement and a guest room full with things we don’t use and we kind of think we will use them some day. Gosh, I really have to start packing and throwing things away. Thanks for this post.

    1. The Declutter challenge may be just the thing you need! Sounds like that is your place to start. :) Be sure to stay tuned, because in January, the big Declutter Challenge will begin!!

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