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I used to think succulents were ugly – like really ugly. I also used to hate asparagus. Now thinking of roasted asparagus with a hint of garlic butter makes my mouth water. I told my mom about my attitude change toward asparagus and she said “Your taste buds are growing up.” Maybe that is what happened with succulents, because over time they stopped being ugly. It started with me appreciating seeing them on display and grew to me actually really finding them fascinating and beautiful.

My first succulent purchase, apart from an Aloe plant, which I don’t really count (coral planter at back) was this brown planter full of succulents (left side of picture). It sprouted a whole bunch of babies and outgrew the brown pot, so I decided to give it a larger playground. While I was at it, I found some more succulents at the store to fill in the large new planter (all the small black potted plants on the left). I’ve done some studying on how to re-plant and take care of succulents. I just love this kind of stuff and getting my hands dirty in the garden.

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I started by filling the planter with some dirt mix that is good for succulents and cactus-type plants. This is not a sponsored post – I just grabbed this bag because of convenience. You can make your own mix with garden dirt and sand.

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In fact, I thought this mix wasn’t quite sandy enough for the succulents, so I had my son bring over his wheelbarrow sand toy and shovel some in. My 10 year old twin girls and my 3 year old son were helping me with this – I love to involve my kids in everything I possibly can. Over the years they’ve learned so much about different things, and now they are definitely learning to love gardening and plants.

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Next, we took all the plants and divided them into individual plants. We were shocked by how many plants there were! This is just some … the kids were still dividing.

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This part was everyone’s favorite – deciding where all the plants were going to go. We decided to go for a Succulent Paradise and mix all the plants up as we planted. Boyfriend kept giving us shovels of sand on request – he felt so important!

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My favorite pairing are these little succulents that look like roses! When we were at the store selecting our succulents, my son picked up the little roses and said “These flowers are for you mom!” and handed them to me. I planted two together to represent me and him. That little boys sweet pure goodness is my favorite part of every day.

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After everything was good and planted, we added rocks for aesthetic value. How To Re-Plant Succulents 9

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I’m a total fan of our little succulent paradise! My kids love it too. I guess they will bypass the whole “ugly” phase and always appreciate them. One of my daughters even hugged the planter and told them that she loved them – oh children, bless their hearts.

Are you a succulent fan? Did you know that succulents survive better when you refresh their planters every few years? Keep your succulents healthy and they are so low maintenance. I mean, a plant that you only have to water every two weeks – that is a winner! In the winter these will come inside in front of a sunny window. The lowest-maintenance required houseplant ever! Go plant or re-plant one today.


Happy gardening!


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  1. My granny had a succulent garden. I’ve thought about trying to recreate it several times. I never realized how easy it really was!

  2. I’ve been wanting to have a pot of succulents and your post gave me that extra push to do it! I’m using a pot I already have and bought plants that I could split into several smaller ones. I already have lots of small shells so I’m going to use those instead of rocks. Thanks!

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