Introducing The Summer Organizing Challenge

Summer Organizing Challenge -v

This year I am guiding you through Loving Your Home Again. We started in January with the big 91 Day Declutter Challenge, then next was the Spring Cleaning Challenge in April, and Garage Week in May. Now you are ready to start putting things where they go and creating manageable systems in your home. You probably already like your home so much better, but The Summer Organizing Challenge will help you put even more pieces together and home should be feeling better and better!

We’ve been loving summer over at my house. The sun shining brightly through my windows all day fills me with a drive to get stuff done. Without the hassles of running the kids to school and a million places, along with a self-imposed lighter work schedule (the joys of self-employment!), I get approximately one million times more home projects done in the summer time. Things I’ve been putting off during the winter don’t seem so hard all of a sudden. And I have helpers home all day! It is amazing to have my three older girls home to help me play with my three year old boy – they are so creative with him. My kids all know the drill by now – help mom get her stuff done and she will make life fun. Most days are a compromise of sorts, sometimes they are a downright negotiation, but I’ve never believed a child’s life should be all fun and no work. I’m always trying to land somewhere in between giving them an idyllic carefree childhood and trying to prepare them to be capable adults. So I want to just make it clear right away – you can do this challenge while your kids are around! Personally, I will definitely be involving mine as I do this challenge right along with you.

But this challenge is not just for people with kids, it is for everyone! Most weeks have customization options so that you can do what you need to do – and I help you!

I’ve designed parts of this challenge that I hope you will enjoy and maybe even call fun, though I should give the disclaimer that I LOVE organizing! Decluttering and Spring Cleaning are important to me, but organizing … the part where you really get to decide where things go and setup systems and put things in containers and all of that – I LOVE EVERY SINGLE SECOND OF IT!!!! I enjoy just thinking about organizing stuff the way my husband just likes to think about football and his favorite team. There are many reasons I became a professional organizer, but one of them is definitely this deep down passionate interest in organizing and all things organizing related.

BUT, do not worry if YOU DO NOT LOVE organizing like I do. That’s what I’m here for, to think and obsess about it so that I can simplify it for you and just say “I’ve thought a lot about it, and I think we should do this and here is how.”

Okay, so of course I’ve given you vague details, which has completely convinced you to join in! Right?! It should, this challenge is going to be awesome!!!

Details –

  • The specific details of the challenge are a surprise until revealed each week! Each week will be totally different!
  • The Summer Organizing Challenge will be FREE for everyone following along on the blog.
  • The Challenge Starts Monday June 20th and will last 5 weeks.
  • If you are subscribed to the blog, you’ll get an email first thing Monday morning with a link to the challenge blog post.
  • If you follow me on social media, you’ll see links posted (if, for instance, Facebook actually decided to show it to you!) each Monday morning reminding you about the challenge as well.
  • Each Monday will bring a new blog post with a new mission for the week.
  • You can join my Facebook group for support and camaraderie throughout the challenge (read the rules, though, with such a large group the Admin Moderators do a great job of keeping the group focused!).

What if you just can’t wait?

Because I know some of you just can’t wait to see what is involved in this Summer Organizing Challenge, I’ve put together all of the details for the challenge into a PDF that you can purchase. 

This printable is really special! It acts like a workbook at times, walking you step by step through your organizing mission. I want you to solve some problem areas and complete organizing projects in a non-overwhelming way!

Even if the challenge has already begun, this PDF might be a simpler way of just having all the details in one easy place without having to come back to the blog to check things out.

Thank you in advance to everyone who decides to purchase a Summer Organizing Challenge Printable! Offering these printables for sale supports me and allows me the time to create these challenges. It also keeps my blog from becoming full of spammy ads and lets me focus on more important things than introducing you to a new kind of cheese! Thank you!

See the printable in my shop!

2016 Summer Organizing Challenge Printable Pack -s

Social Media Stuff

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Are You Ready?

Are you ready for a little Summer Organizing Adventure Challenge? Buy the Printable and start whenever or I’ll see you here next week!!

After these 5 weeks of guided learning, you will have the tools to conquer any organizing challenge that comes your way.

Happy Organizing!


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I can’t wait!!!!

2016 Summer Organizing Challenge Printable Pack -v

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  1. What if you have not done the challenges prior to this one- meaning the summer organization ? Can you start here or should you start and complete the others first?

  2. Bummer! I’m just seeing this, so I missed the early-bird discount. I look forward to seeing your posts and having some accountability and new ideas. I’m new to your challenges, so I’m glad to know I can join in without having done the others. I need help organizing my office space. I am out of ideas.

    1. Glad you’ll be along for the ride! (I’ve left the sale going for now – might just keep it up until the challenge ends at this point.)

  3. I didn’t get the email with the link to the challenge blog post. Can you resend it to me? Thanks! I love your ideas in making organization look pretty!

    1. I can’t resend it, that is all automated, but it is on the blog, so you should be able to access it no problem. Maybe try subscribing again just to make sure there is nothing wrong with your email subscription!

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