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In all honesty, some parts of these pictures bother me a little bit to post for all the world to see. I look at them and think, why didn’t I move the little stool my 3 year old uses from in front of the toilet? Or, I could have moved the box of tissues off the counter or traded out hand towels for the other color I think looks better. But those things didn’t cross my mind as I went in to take pictures. When I realized I wanted to show you this bathroom while we are focusing on bathrooms this week for the Summer Organizing Challenge, I walked into the bathroom and took pictures. My kids were busy in the background and I was about to go grocery shopping … so it didn’t even occur to me on this day to clean first or re-arrange the drawers a little or move the flowers over 3 inches to be better placed on the counter. I just went in, put the toilet seat down and took pictures. And maybe I could re-do the pictures, but really – who has time for that?! I know these pictures may not look stunning on Pinterest, but my main goal here is to show MY readers a real, functional, organized bathroom – and so I’m just going to get over myself and do that now. Without further Ado …

Powder Bathroom Tour - v

I have this little bathroom, and it isn’t fancy, but it has a fancy Southern name anyway. We call it the Powder Bathroom, because, obviously, it is where proper ladies powder our noses. This bathroom is the most frequently used bathroom in the house because it is in the center of all the action. It is by our Mud Area, Laundry Room, Kids Command Center, Garage, Living Room, and the hallway to our Master Bedroom. It is the only other bathroom downstairs besides the Master Bathroom, so it is also the bathroom guests use.

It is a half bathroom, which means it just has a sink and toilet.

Powder Bathroom Tour 1

The art above the hand towel was created by one of my twins in the 1st grade – she won a school-wide contest painting this orange tree and surprised us by giving an amazing impromptu speech at the assembly where they were going to plant some new trees at the school. We didn’t know she was going to be speaking and she didn’t know or prepare either, but had the audience listening to every word. It is a special memory. I have some of my favorite children’s art scattered around my house … I really do have a sentimental side (common belief out there is that I don’t – ha!), I just keep only a few so that the really important pieces don’t get lost in a sea of ordinary.

The hand towel gets changed out every day – it is one of my children’s chores on their chore list. I think changing out hand towels regularly is very important for sanitary reasons and for keeping illnesses away!

Powder Bathroom Tour 2

The top drawer of the cabinet has hair stuff in it. With three girls who ALL do their hair downstairs despite having two larger bathrooms upstairs, I keep hair stuff here and in their command center just outside this bathroom door. Often in the morning, there will be girls standing at both mirrors doing their hair.

Powder Bathroom Tour 3

The middle drawer has clean hand towels so it is an easy change-out during the kids’ daily chore. I need at least 7 hand towels, but I have more because sometimes if I walk into the bathroom to find a mess, I’ll grab one and clean up.

Powder Bathroom Tour 4

The bottom drawer holds all of our First Aid Supplies, which is seriously convenient!

Powder Bathroom Tour 5

I did a whole blog post all about The First Aid Drawer.

Go look at that post for all the details about the drawer!

Powder Bathroom Tour 6

The cabinet under this bathroom sink has all of our swim towels. I have some in a basket for times when I want to grab towels for everyone (versus everyone grabbing their own), and I just grab the basket.

Powder Bathroom Tour 7

The light fixture in this room is oddly fancy for a bathroom. I guess this is why we can call it a Powder Bathroom and not just a bathroom. Lol.

Powder Bathroom Tour 8

My bathroom decorating is really classy. This is the upper cabinet behind the toilet. I mean, how can you get nicer than spare toilet paper? I also offer my guests (and family members) Poo-Pouri … see? Nothing but class.

Powder Bathroom Tour 9

In the Upper cabinets I keep more toilet paper! I try to leave the stuff on top as “backup” for the whole house, because when any bathroom runs out of their surplus, they come stealing from this bathroom. This bathroom runs out of toilet paper very quickly! I also put spare tissue boxes and a small supply of girly supplies.

Powder Bathroom Tour 10

This bathroom is the one my 3 year old uses all day unless we’re upstairs playing, but during nice weather we are outside and he is running in to use this bathroom. Hence, the stool that stays right here. Oddly enough, it stays there even when big people use it … I guess it becomes a foot rest? TMI? Man, I’m in super classy form today.

The garbage can fills up fast because it is the only garbage can in this corner of the house. The step stool has to get moved in front of the sink for little guy to wash his hands, but it can’t stay there or the door won’t open and close freely (very annoying). Of course that is not ideal, but sometimes the ideal just doesn’t work out and life goes on anyway.

Powder Bathroom Tour 11

There you have it! My AMAZING, super-classy, fancy Southern Powder Bathroom.

And now I have finally showed all my bathrooms on the blog, which I think is an achievement. Let’s review the tours!


Happy Organizing!


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8 thoughts on “Tour My Powder Bathroom

  1. I love your honesty, Mary! This post and the photos are REAL. It’s just what we need, to see that while an actual busy life is going on, you can still have a clean, organized, and stylish home. I love it! Nice clean design, and what a great idea to keep all the beach towels there! I’m working on both of my bathrooms, will share them soon! :)

  2. Sweet girl, you do not live in a furniture showroom for a magazine layout. While while we all want lovely rooms, while we have children, especially small children, function comes first comes first. You’re doing a great job and the drawers and room look great.
    Organization has been a passion with me for close to 40 years and began when I was in my late 20s. I still have room to grow. Again, you are doing a great job

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