10 Inspiring Boy Rooms

10 Inspiring Boy Rooms -v

Here are 10 inspiring boy bedrooms that look good and are organized. Kids can have fun in spaces that mom approves. Maybe you’ll find some inspiration for your little (or not so little anymore) man’s space? ~

10 Inspiring Boy Rooms

From Naptime Decorator – You had me at the sign! My little guy needs this immediately! The rest of the room has great features … but that sign with super hero capes hanging near!!


From The Project Girl – What caught my eye about this boys’ room at first is that looking at the bunkbed, I didn’t know immediately which bunk two kids would fight over. Usually that’s obvious, but this setup does a great job at making both look ideal. This room has lots of great details that boys would really appreciate, but it is stylish enough for mom to appreciate too.


From Elle Decoration – Childhood should be magical, and this room exudes childhood magic. A boy could get “lost” exploring in this room.


From Bower Power – I love the color palette in this room and the symmetry in the shared spaces. And that W … go big or go home!


From Home Stories A to Z – There are so many great things about this room, but I’m especially loving the planet art hanging from the ceiling (can you call it a mobile if it isn’t for a baby?)! The cool bookshelves are a big plus too.


From Beneath My Heart – These industrial shelves are so cool and there is so much styling inspiration here as well. I think this setup is classic enough to grow with the boy and last a long time.


From Classy Clutter – I’m not sure what I love more – the yellow beds or the green dressers or the city-scapes drawn in the background, but this room is pure awesome-ness.


From Home Design Lover – She shows us a whole bunch of awesome transportation type beds for little boys. I’m in love with this boat bed and a sailing themed room. My little man may never sleep, though … either that or have the best pirate-adventure dreams ever.


From Project Nursery – This look is so streamlined, simple, and well organized. I love the fabric banner across the ceiling and the over-sized blue rug.


From Mary ORGANIZES – Fabric pendent banner, T-Rex & Animals coming out of the walls in 3D, bead-board, a green chair, chevron blackout curtains, a bookshelf just his size … there is so much I love about my little guy’s room and this week I’m taking out the crib (ahhh!!!!!).


I hope you’ve gotten plenty of inspiration! Aren’t boy rooms fun?!

Think about the ideas you’ve gathered and visualize the kind of space you’d like your boys’ rooms to have and then brainstorm a few small changes you can start to make now. Extreme makeovers are fun, but they aren’t necessary. Slow and steady works too.


Happy Organizing!


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