10 Inspiring Girl Rooms

10 Inspiring Girl Rooms -v

Here are 10 inspiring girl bedrooms that are beautiful and functional, crossing the lines between organized and art. Enjoy! ~

10 Inspiring Girl Bedrooms

From Design Loves Detail – Words can not express my appreciation for that hand-painted accent wall. That is not wall paper! The organizing is simple with shelves and drawers, but simple is my favorite. The room is soft and bright and I think any girl would love this room … including me.


From A Shade Of Teal – This girl’s room is a mix of cheerful and sophisticated. Timeless organizing choices that will grow with the girl – hooks, clips, shelves, and a lovely assortment of baskets. We see gallery walls in living spaces all the time, but I love seeing one in a kid’s room.



From Four Generations One Roof – This room does a great job of fitting two beds in a small bedroom and maintaining an elegant look. An important piece of this are all the light neutral colors and the pops of bright colors in low doses. It really makes the room feel roomier.


From Fancy Farmgirls via All Things Thrifty – This beautiful room was decorated with many up-cycled or low cost solutions, showing that beauty can be achieved without spending a ton of money.


From Naptime Decorator – Right away the reading lamps caught my attention. I have some book-loving girls that would be in heaven with those over their headboards. This room also has some great multi-functioning furniture, like the little round night table that pulls over as the stool for the desk.


From The Creativity Exchange – Everything about this room is fabulous, from the use of color, to the fantastic organizing and use of space. It is just beautiful.


Live Simply By Annie – This room is a dream and shows an entirely unexpected color palette that works out so charming. I also like matching twin beds side by side, it really works for the space.


From My Domain – Why spend money on expensive art at all? Let the kids go to town and then take care to frame it and hang it artistically on the wall! I love this bit of personalization and especially how the kids would feel so proud of their own space being THE artists.


From Living With Punks – This girl’s room is just so fun. Why not do a little something extra special to show the girls in our lives how much we care and to really brighten their spaces?! And I am absolutely going to make something silhouetted and quilted and framed … genius.


From Mary ORGANIZES – You can check out the latest tour of my three girls’ shared bedroom to see how I organize and decorate their space.



I hope you’ve gotten plenty of eye candy and inspiration!

Visualize the kind of space you’d like your girls’ rooms to have and then brainstorm a few small changes you can start to make now. Extreme makeovers are fun, but they aren’t necessary. Slow and steady works too.


Happy Organizing!


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