12 Beautiful & Functional Command Centers to Inspire

12 Beautiful and Functional Command Centers - Mary ORGANIZES -v

Some command centers manage to cross the line from useful over into works of art. These beautiful AND functional command centers deserve our notice. We can get so much inspiration for our own command centers.

Here are 12 command centers to inspire you:

Beautiful & Functional Command Centers –

This command center from Home Remedies is a fabulous example of making great use of space! I love that they used the angle wall of the stairs! {See details HERE.}


Only 30″ wide, this command center shows that you don’t need very much space to pack in a whole lot of functionality. Jenna Burger on BHG shows how she created this incredibly efficient use of space from what may otherwise be a wasted odd corner. {See details HERE.}


Putting command centers in otherwise awkward corners is an incredible win-win! I love this other take on corner command centers from Hi Sugarplum. {See details HERE.}


Another great use of small spaces is this hidden command center from Two Twenty One – it is so clever! And what a bonus that they encourage getting rid of fridge clutter. {See details HERE.}


This one by Infarrantly Creative is in the advanced level of DIY, but even if we aren’t going to make one of these ourselves, there is a lot of inspiration to gain from the simplicity in look. The symmetry of the 6 squares is easy on the eyes and makes it easier to take the chaos from the papers and other content. {See details HERE.}


What I love about this command center is how instead of using frames, The Colored Door painted a rectangle of chalkboard paint on the wall that became the frame for everything else to give it a finished look without spending very much. {See details HERE.}


What I like about Clean & Scentsible’s Kitchen Command Center is that is all in one adjustable unit. Life rarely stays the same very long, so solutions that can adapt are very important. {See details HERE.}


Look how cool this command center is from Sweet Aprils. Not only is it incredibly stylish, but it combines a backpack station with the command center – truly making this space all-in-one. {See details HERE.}


And then there’s this magnetic board by 4 Men 1 Lady that she DIY’d (and makes look easy!) that suddenly makes me want to figure out where I can create something like this in my house. Combine this with some powerful magnets and that would be a great setup. {See details HERE.}


A very smart thing about this command center from How To Nest For Less are the trash and recycling located directly underneath it. This allows junk mail, out-dated invitations and schedules to go right to the recycling bin! {See details HERE.}


My Command Centers

I’ve mentioned before that I split my command centers into multiple locations, because that just works best for us. Let me show you.

Here is my Kitchen Command Center that I’ve recently redone. {See details HERE.}

Mary ORGANIZES Command Center -v

And here is my Kids Command Center. {See details HERE.}

Kids Command Center - for hanging chore lists and more 12

Also, above my desk nook, I keep my inbox for mail, which I definitely consider part of my command center! {See details HERE.}

My Desk Nook Tour - 1

I hope you’ve enjoyed this organizing eye candy and feel inspired to create the command center that fits you best!


Happy Organizing!


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12 Beautiful and Functional Command Centers - Mary ORGANIZES -s

4 thoughts on “12 Beautiful & Functional Command Centers to Inspire

  1. Pretty neat stuff! I definitely need to come back to this page when I reach that part of my reorganization (I’m doing your Summer Organizing Challenge, but I have more than a summer’s worth of stuff to do). You’ve inspired me to start my own online (yeah, public) “life declutter” project. I’m calling it the #WellWellWellProject. I am leaning heavily on your content for tips, advice and inspiration! I will be linking to you quite a bit, I imagine. :-)

  2. I especially like the corner command center with the curved shelf. Really clever use of space. And the command center inside a kitchen cabinet would work really well for someone who just can’t stand to see papers around. The clothespins on the strip is a great idea!

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