How To Create Your Command Center {Week #3 of the Summer Organizing Challenge}

How To Create Your Command Center Summer Organizing Challenge Week 3 -v

Welcome to Week 3 of the Summer Organizing Challenge!

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And now, let’s get down to business.

How To Create Your Command Center -v

Week 3 – How To Create Your Command Center

This week we are going to mix things up and instead of organizing a specific room or space, we are going to work on creating a command center. If you already have one, this week is the time to tweak things that aren’t working and freshen it up.

In my home, I have my Command Center actually divided between three locations: (1) by our Mud Area, I keep My Kids Command Center, (2) in my Kitchen I keep the Family & Food Command Center, and (3) at my desk nook I keep my Inbox for mail. This is what works for us, but something else might work for you.

Pick The Spot

Your first step is to think about where in your home you can fit the command center – where does it make sense to create one? Laundry room wall? By the back door? In the kitchen or pantry? On the back of the coat closet door? Do you want to divide and conquer?

Even if you want to split it up, start with one area. Once you decide where it will go – measure that space.

Select Your Components

Next, consider the popular components of a command center and select which components you’d like to have in yours.

Don’t just pick ones that sound good or that someone else has, truly consider each thing:

  • How would we use this component?

  • Would it really benefit my family or is it just busy work?

  • Is it repetitive for something else or does something else already solve a similar problem that could also handle this? (Avoid redundancy!)

  • Do I want this information displayed publicly for guests and all to see?

  • Will this fit on my wall? If not – is it more important than the other things I’ve already chosen?

Here are some some popular Command Center Components (labels optional):

Inbox for Mail Inbox for Bills Inbox for Action-Required Items Inbox for School Papers Place for Menu Clipboards Grocery List Clipboards for School and Sport Schedules Place for Announcements and Birthday Invites Clipboards for Chore Lists Place for Monthly Calendar Place for To Do Lists Hooks to Hang Keys Clipboard to Hang Notepaper Clipboards to display kid’s art projects Inspiring Quotes Pictures Decor Clock

Okay, so now you have your space, and you’ve selected the components you’d like to have on there, now it is time to do a rough draft plan of putting it all together. After you actually have all of your components, you may change your mind on where things will go, but starting with a plan is always the best thing to do.

  1. Start by sketching the approximate ratio of your wall space. (i.e. rectangle, square, etc.)
  2. Then sketch a rough estimate of where the components will go on the wall. This is your command center map. Label it with “Calendar” or “Schedules” so you know where things are going! Don’t worry about your artistic skills! If you just want to draw circles and squares to represent things, that works.

Gathering The Pieces

Now you are off to collect the different component pieces!

If you have some old frames that aren’t being used, you could re-paint them and give them new life. There are lots of ways of re-purposing things you already have to make this a no-spend project. But if you do have a little budget to spend on some new command center pieces – have fun shopping!

There are a million ways to do a good-looking Command Center. Be sure to check out my Command Center Pinterest Board for lots of ideas and inspiration.

Pinterest - Organize Command Center

Also, I just showed you my Kids Command Center in May and this week I’ll be showing you my new kitchen Command Center!

Kids Command Center - for hanging chore lists and more 11

Putting It Together

Once you’ve got all your components ready to go, complete with labels if you wish, arrange them on the floor before you hang them on the wall. Once you’re satisfied with the arrangement, up it goes!

Don’t delay, start using the Command Center today, and show life who is boss around here! (I don’t know about your house, but the 3 year old is actually boss around here I think… but still, I have to at least be second in command?!)

Whew, what a fun, whirlwind of a week! Now all those little things that were stressing you out are solved in one streamlined place. That is awesome.

Have a fantastic week of organizing! Let me know how it goes!!


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