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It’s been on my mind for a really long time to redo my Command Center, but I finally moved it from my “want to do” list to my “I’m doing this” list. The Summer Organizing Challenge was my perfect excuse to finally make it a priority.  Maybe yours too? Even though I shared How To Create A Command Center in a separate blog post, I thought I’d document my process to share.

And can we just say that some things you don’t see until you’re at your computer editing photos? Like, I really didn’t notice the one frame that is not positioned quite right! Oops! In real life it is hardly noticeable, but when you’re staring at a picture of it, the mistake is blaring. Please forgive my human-ness. :)

Now, let’s begin the journey of my Command Center Redo. I’m going to explain how I got from this BEFORE to that AFTER.

Mary ORGANIZES Command Center Before and After

Planning & Prep

  1. After I took down the old frame that served as my command center, I had to wash the wall. Kitchen walls get filthy and the wall was a different color under the frame! Oh my!
  2. This is the initial plan that I drew up plotting my command center. I took this to the store with me when I went frame shopping so that I could keep these things in mind as I purchased frames.
  3. I brought home my frames and laid them out to play with design. One is missing – I ended up not liking the first frame color against my green walls so I had to exchange it.
  4. After laying it out, I fine tuned my plan on paper so I could plan out where I would want clips.
  5. These are my favorite hanging tools lately. I love these picture hooks because they leave almost no mark in the wall when you move it around, and lately, sticky things have been leaving marks on my wall when they fall off or are pulled off.
  6. I started hanging everything up, even though I took them right back off to change out the frame contents and add labels and clips to the frames. It was really just wanting to get everything off the floor in my kitchen while I worked on it and my children were walking around me.

Mary ORGANIZES Command Center Planning and Prep

Adding Clips

I used a hot glue gun to glue clips right onto the glass in the frames.

I thought specifically about the size of papers that would be clipped in each one before I glued it on. For frames that would fit full sheets of paper, I actually measured the clip with paper to make sure I liked how it looked.

Mary ORGANIZES Command Center Gluing On Clips

Adding Labels

To add my Rose Gold labels on my frames to get my shabby chic look, I used iCraft Deco Foil and an adhesive pen. The foil is $4.99 and the adhesive pen is only $3.99. I’ve used this same foil pack a few times now and still have lots of it left! The adhesive pen is good for multiple uses too … so I still have more projects up my sleeve and won’t have to purchase any more stuff to do them. Pretty awesome if you ask me.

  1. Gather materials. You need iCraft Deco Foil in your choice of colors. There are soooo many colors. {See Foil Color Options HERE.}
  2. Use an iCraft Deco Foil Adhesive Pen and write the titles on the glass. If you make a mistake, clean it off and start again – no big deal.
  3. Cut the foil to fit over the title, then carefully place down the ugly side of the foil on the Adhesive Pen markings. Rub the foil over the title really well, then carefully peel it off.
  4. When the foil did not come off the glass perfectly, I used a kitchen knife to clean it up.

It was pretty easy, and evidently looked so fun that my three girls clamored around me asking for turns trying it out. If you are into perfection, you may want to do it yourself, but I’m trying to give up my goals up perfection … my children are helping me with that.

Mary ORGANIZES Command Center Foil Labels

The Components

I created all of the wall bits one at a time and hung them back on the wall.

  • let’s Eat: The top clip holds my menu from my menu/ grocery list combo sheets I use from my planner every week. The bottom clip holds a piece of paper that says “The Kitchen is closed between 4pm & dinner.”
  • Calendar: One clip that holds a calendar sheet.
  • Celebrate: This is a bulletin board to hold announcements and happy news. (I removed our celebrate news for the close-up because it contains personal info that isn’t mine to share.)
  • to Buy: This holds a clip for a note pad. Everyone in the family uses this to let me know when I need to buy something. Sometimes there are hilarious things on it.
  • Next to the notepad is pencils held on by velcro – I used the self-adhesive kind of velcro strips, cut the ROUGH side to fit and stuck it to the glass. Then I wrapped the SOFT side around pencils. Even though it was self-adhesive, I went ahead and added a touch of super glue to make sure it wouldn’t come off the pencils as we pulled it on and off so much.
  • Schedules: Since it is summer, we luckily don’t have any crazy schedules to work around right now. Hallelujah! This spot will fill up in a month. Gulp.
  • Good to Know: (Not Pictured here, but look in the foil or glue picture for a close-up) This has lots of clips so that I can clip all the little things that come in and we need to remember. Things will start to accumulate here once school starts.

Mary ORGANIZES Command Center Wall Components

The Final Thing

And here it is all put together. Ignoring the crooked frame and glare from the windows, I’m very happy with how it turned out!

Mary ORGANIZES Command Center Finished 1

And here it is as full as it is right now (during the summer). This Command Center brings so much more cheer and USEFULNESS than the one that was up before. We are going to get so much use out of this.

Mary ORGANIZES Command Center Finished 2

And if you haven’t read my post on How To Create Command Centers, be sure to check it out –

How To Create Your Command Center -s

I share useful things, like a list of components you may want to consider adding to your command center. No two command centers are going to look the same, because every family is different. Create one that is individualized to YOUR families needs!

Inbox for Mail Inbox for Bills Inbox for Action-Required Items Inbox for School Papers Place for Menu Clipboards Grocery List Clipboards for School and Sport Schedules Place for Announcements and Birthday Invites Clipboards for Chore Lists Place for Monthly Calendar Place for To Do Lists Hooks to Hang Keys Clipboard to Hang Notepaper Clipboards to display kid’s art projects Inspiring Quotes Pictures Decor Clock

And there you have it, my journey to My Command Center Redo. I’m honestly just proud of myself for remembering to take pictures! That can be hard to remember sometimes when there are four kids climbing around me. You’d think I’ve been blogging long enough that it would be second nature, but I forget to take pictures so often. So yes, I took pictures! Woohoo!!!

Do you have a command center? If you’ve thought it was hard, does this post make you think it is easier than you may have been thinking?


Happy Organizing!


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Mary ORGANIZES Command Center -s

6 thoughts on “My Command Center Redo

  1. I really love this! I think i am going to be a complete copycat by the time i am done doing all your blog challenges! Even my husband thinks your great! Hee…hee…

  2. So pretty! The elements in my command center are my menu, calendar, cross country schedule and grocery list. I have them attached with pretty magnets I made from silk flowers. I love the idea of using frames though! Guess this will be on my to do list also! Thanks for the inspiration1

  3. I recently changed how I posted our calendar for the kids to see (the grownups use an electronic calendar). I now post a week agenda and thinking of your adage to make it pretty, I remembered seeing a picture frame used to post information ( I think I was thinking of the laundry room list). Anyway, I dug out a nice wide painted frame, took the stock photo out, and hung it on the wall. I just tape my new agenda to the frame with a small piece of scotch tape. I was so proud of myself for having the information where it needed to be, but it actually looks kind of nice. I saw this post and just laughed at myself. It never occurred to me to put pretty paper in the picture, so if I don’t have an agenda up it will still look nice, nor did I event think of putting a clip instead of scotch taping it each week. Maybe one day I will be as good as you, Mary, but in the meantime… Thanks so much for making our home more organized and more beautiful!

    1. lol! You may be surprised what you think of when you realize people on will look at your blog and see what you’ve done … it really inspires me. Ha! :) Your way sounds simple and lovely!!

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