My New Parenting Catch-phrase {And A Tip}

Youve Been Scienced - Draining a Fresh Water Pool and Reusing Water -v

Recently on my personal Facebook page, I posted a picture of this empty pool and then this –

Matt and I are testing out a new parent catch-phrase lately: “You’ve been scienced!”

Like when the kids didn’t believe putting one end of a hose in the pool and the other by the fruit trees/garden (trying to re-purpose the water instead of just kill grass by the porch when fresh pool water is needed) would eventually drain the pool … And then they wake up to an empty pool.

Kids: “there is no way the water will travel up over the side of the pool and down the hose!”

Yeah, kids, “you’ve been scienced!” It just has a better ring to it than “sometimes your parents know stuff that you don’t know or understand yet.”

But Really

The funny thing is that since we started this funny family-inside-joke-saying, our kids have started using it on us too! Raising smart kids really keeps me on my toes. Just when I think I’ve out-smarted them, they pull out one step ahead. It’s all I can do to stay neck and neck.

BUT, we the parents were the ones who taught them about siphoning and I’m calling that a win. (I take wins wherever I can these days.)

And Now For The Tip

And just in case you had forgotten the miracle of siphoning, let me remind you!

First of all, if you use little fresh water pools in the summer for your kids, you’ll have realized what I had realized. That water has to be changed once in a while or grossness happens. And I don’t want to keep flooding the ground around the little pool, which will not only kill all the grass there, but what a huge waste of water!

My husband saw me filling my watering cans from the little pool to make use of the water and suggested I just siphon the water straight to the garden, my fruit trees, flowers and plants. I loved the idea and went out and bought the cheapest hose I could find to get started.

We submerged one end of the hose in the pool and the other end that was lower we sucked on for a second (I know that may sound gross, but it’s really not) and soon the water just started coming out.

So there you go, now You’ve Been Scienced! I mean … enjoy the little tip and don’t waste all that water.

Happy Summer!


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Youve Been Scienced - Draining a Fresh Water Pool and Reusing Water -s

6 thoughts on “My New Parenting Catch-phrase {And A Tip}

  1. Put the entire hose in the pool, allowing the hose to fill with water, then put your thumb over one end. Now take the end you have sealed with your thumb down to your garden. Water!

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