Peek In My Coat Closet

Peek in my Coat Closet -v

I think the curiosity to see behind the closed doors of our friends and family is natural.

Recently I read that 40% of houseguests admit to snooping around the house! As a professional organizer, I think people feel extra curiosity … so I’d up that to 75% at least!

Even though I don’t think this closet is very fancy, I thought I would go ahead and give you a peek. Do you want a peek at my coat closet? 

Peek in my Coat Closet 1

First of all, it may appear as though I hoard vacuums. This makes me laugh to show you honestly, because, yes … I HAVE THREE VACUUMS. If you’re thinking that’s not normal, I don’t think it’s normal either.

Maybe I should explain? (1) One is my central vacuum that goes with my home’s unit. (2) One is my cordless vacuum I use for daily quick pick-ups and my kids use. (3) One is my main vacuum that does a really thorough job for “vacuum day” in my cleaning routine.

Yeah, I hoard vacuums. I’ve always said I have my things too! Case in point.

These are all of our winter coats for our family. Instead of having one per person, I have a few extra coats for my girls because we loose several coats a season. The thought of it makes me want to eat chocolate or buy another vacuum. Just kidding … I’d rather shop for a purse.

Peek in my Coat Closet 2

And while we are discussing “collections,” we can’t forget about this beauty that has been hanging in my coat closet since I was married though I’m not sure I’ve ever seen Matt wear it one time ever. Marriage is full of compromises. This jacket was a favorite gift from his teenage days and since we have room in the closet for it, and it makes him feel better to keep it, I’ve saved my battles for other things.

Peek in my Coat Closet 3

This closet is where we keep those random things like the “Back-To-School Measure Stick” and the Flag Pole.

Peek in my Coat Closet 4

On the shelf above the coats, I keep boxes of the winter things like scarves, hats, and gloves. The black bag next to those is our travel DVD player and the box next to that is our American flag.

The shelf above that has all of our camping gear, except for the beds and linens. The sleeping bags and air mattresses are in the linen closet.

Peek in my Coat Closet 5

The closet actually goes much higher and I could store more, but I don’t have anymore camping stuff to keep here right now. I put the container of flashlights in the most accessible, middle position, since we use those for many more occasions than camping.

Peek in my Coat Closet 6

And there you have it – a peek inside my coat closet. You got to learn about my secret collection of vacuums and my ability to overlook blue coats at the back of closets.

Any other places in my home you want to peek in? I’m ready to reveal all my secrets.


Happy Organizing!


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4 thoughts on “Peek In My Coat Closet

  1. I like your scarves, hats, and gloves boxes! I have the same the separations but in small, white tubs, but I like the decorative element of your boxes better. Thanks for the inspiration, Mary!

  2. I love how your coat closet looks, and your under the stairs closet as well, from your other recent post!

    What would you do if your under the stairs closet was also your coat closet?!? Ours is not as deep or as tall as your UTS closet, and we have a built-in rod stretching across the entire width of the opening and one shelf that runs above it. Of course this blocks the whole back of the closet.

    We have two rows of hooks in the entryway, but when it’s cold and the kids are in school they get bogged down quickly with winter coats and backpacks. And it doesn’t look very nice.

    We live in Texas so the winters are not long. We have enough bedroom closet space to store the coats when it’s warm, but they are all upstairs.

    1. I would probably re-configure the closet to work better. Just because it is one way right now, does not mean it has to stay that way! Rods are easier to move around than you’d think and shelves aren’t too tricky to build. :)

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