Peek Inside My Linen Closet {Updated}

Peek Inside My Linen Closet Update -v

I showed my linen closet a long time ago and since it has been updated for a long time now … how about I show you?

I’ve always had a thing for laundry baskets. Even though I use only one for my laundry, I have a lot more around the house for organizing. This closet is FULL of them.

Things really started to change in here when I happened to try sitting one of the long rectangular laundry baskets on a shelf. My girls were decluttering stuffed animals and produced an empty purple basket. I thought I may use the basket to help with this closet and realized that two could fit so nicely side by side. These baskets are so awesome to use in here, because they pull on and off the shelf so easily and they maximize the shelf space well. I LOVE THEM IN HERE!

Now let me explain what all the baskets are about.

Peek Inside My Linen Closet Update 1

The basket on the top shelf holds the small child size sleeping bags that seem to slip right off the shelf and an air mattress. Those all ended up in the same bucket together because we took them all camping and we just had it all in the bucket.

Peek Inside My Linen Closet Update 9

Off-Season Kid Clothes’ Baskets

These tan and white baskets hold the off-season clothes for my four children. My children’s closets are empty on the top shelf, so if I needed to, I could put these baskets in all of the closets, BUT it is so convenient having them here within easy reach.

I used to use canvas zipper storage bags that I liked a lot, but I think these have worked out so well that I don’t miss them.

Children need their off-season clothes removed! It isn’t as important for adults, but kids will wear what is in their drawers or closet, so you have to remove it if they shouldn’t wear it. What you think is common sense is NOT common sense for a child. Wearing seasonally appropriate things takes maturity to figure out, but if you only have seasonally appropriate things available for them to wear … then they don’t have to figure it out and it is easier on everyone.

Peek Inside My Linen Closet Update 8

Organizing Sheets

Now for the laundry basket that started it all – organizing the sets of sheets.


It is fairly common knowledge that you should wrap your folded sheets in their matching pillowcases. I take my sheet sets and put them file-style in the basket. No more messy sheet piles laying around.

The purple basket next to it is full of spare throw blankets.

Peek Inside My Linen Closet Update 6

On the floor of the closet contains my “Grandma Box” (I’ll explain in a second), a laundry basket of extra quilts, and then a laundry basket for outgoing clothes of my children.

Outgoing Kids Clothes Basket

If my children are wearing something and I notice it has holes or doesn’t fit right or honestly, I just don’t like it anymore … I put it in this tall laundry basket hamper on the far right instead of back in their drawers. If it means we need to buy a new shirt or pants, then that goes on my shopping list, but the item goes in this basket right away. When this is full enough, I donate it. When we do the seasonal clothes change out, we end up getting rid of a ton at once, but I don’t let that stop me from decluttering in the meantime.

Peek Inside My Linen Closet Update 3

My Grandma Bin

The closed aqua bin above (the only non laundry basket container in this closet) is my Grandma Basket. I know that might sound like a really weird thing for me to have when I still have young children, so let me explain –

There are certain toys or children’s books that were favorites of my kids … and so I save them for when I’m a grandma. Because I know this pursuit could get out of hand and become bins and bins full of delayed decisions and clutter, I’ve given myself the boundary of this bin. If it fits in the bin, I can keep it. 

Bonus – This bin comes in handy when visitors with babies come to play. Win-win.

Peek Inside My Linen Closet Update 4

Tucked at the back of a shelf is this little tooth fairy doll.

Oh, no … I just had a thought. Do I use this same doll for my son or am I supposed to get a different “boy one” for him?!

Peek Inside My Linen Closet Update 11

This closet is located in the main hallway upstairs, immediately between the doors of my boy’s room and my girls’ room.

Peek Inside My Linen Closet Update 2

There we go – a peek inside my linen closet. Maybe not as exciting as the closet under the stairs? Or maybe more exciting?

Do you organize with laundry baskets?

Now you know I hoard laundry baskets – wait until you see what I hoard Friday when I show you my Coat Closet. Until then …


Happy Organizing!


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21 thoughts on “Peek Inside My Linen Closet {Updated}

  1. I do the same thing in my garage! I have wide utility shelves, and the baskets can hold toy trucks, building blocks, toy cars, balls, etc. Dare I say “great minds think alike…”

    1. Some of the out of season stuff is in there off-season basket, and some of it is hanging in the coat closet or in the baskets in the coat closet. Also, my girls have baskets in their closet for off-season shoes.

  2. As usual, I love your ideas. Now, I just have to find a way to alter them to fit my small house. I have half a cabinet for my linens!

    1. It sounds a little odd, but I started storing extra linens in larger ziplocks, under the mattress. I have 3 sets of sheets for each bed so I would store 2 sets this way. No more trying to figure out what set goes where or grabbing the wrong set.

      1. I get storing the extra sets close to where you use them. I store my extra sheets in a drawer in my room. I personally prefer to have nothing under my bed, but I’m a big believer in finding what works for you. Thanks for sharing.

        1. I totally get not liking things under the bed! I actually store that extra sheet set between the mattress and box springs. :)

  3. I love looking at your closet organization; I wish I had closets like that! We have (small-ish) closets in each of the 2 bedrooms, and that is it for storage. (No hallway closets. No bathroom closets. No garage.) I live vicariously through you! :) haha …
    PS: If it were me, I would definitely re-use the Tooth Fairy pillow (1-because I’m all about being thrifty! :) and 2-because the Tooth Fairy is usually a girl [except the movie with The Rock!], and the pillow seems to indicate the Fairy is a girl, not that the person receiving the money is a girl). ?? But if you find a cute boy one, go for it! :)

  4. I am going to have to modify this to suit us.. our linen closet is tiny! But I am loving the grandma bin. At our house the Grandma bin I fill with special things that they get to do/see when Grandma comes to visit. Usually some crafts , books, coloring books and hot wheels cars.

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