The Wrap: Summer Organizing Challenge {FREE PRINTABLE}

Summer Organizing Challenge - 5 Weeks of Organizing Projects -v

It is hard to believe that five weeks has already gone by and that summer itself is flying by. I’ve really enjoyed these 5 weeks of projects, and from what I hear – so have you. We’ve definitely tackled some problem areas  and even had a little fun.

Let’s review –

Week #1 – 68 Simple Places To Organize (Choose Six)

68 Simple Places To Organize -s

Week #2 – How To Organize Your Bathroom

How To Organize Your Bathroom -s

Week #3 – How To Create Your Command Center

How To Create Your Command Center -s

Week #4 – Organize Your Most Frustrating Closet

Time To Open Your Monica Closet - Lets Organize Your Most Frustrating Closet -s

Week #5 – Organize A Bedroom *Choose Your Own Adventure*

Organize A Bedroom - Choose Your Adventure -s

Putting together this Summer Organizing Challenge has been such a pleasure for me. I hope this is just the thing you needed to super-charge you and this inspires many more organizing projects.

Sometimes I like to do a brain-dump, as I call it, of all the things on my mind that I need to do. What spaces are left that you are going to be organizing next?

I know you see a lot of blogs that make it look like you can organize and decorate an entire house in a weekend, but to do it well and so it doesn’t break the bank, it makes sense to spread it out.

You can refer to this list anytime and just pick the top priority to work on. Organizing is a journey and takes time. Since organizing a room sometimes costs money for purchasing proper storage and tools, consider spreading out the projects to one a week or one a month. Over time, your home will become more and more organized, feeling better with each and every project.

I’ve created a printable for you to keep your ideas in one place (a version of this is in the Home Management Section of my planners – NEW planners will be released in the fall!).

There are two copies in the pdf so you can print double-sided.


Download Future Organizing Project Printable HERE

And now you might be wondering what I have next for you? Well … I have fun things up my sleeve, but you’ll have to wait a little longer to find out.

As Always – Happy Organizing!


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The Summer Organizing Challenge – any time of year – is a great way to practice your organizing skills and make a difference in your home today!

2016 Summer Organizing Challenge Printable Pack -s

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