Look at me! (Or don’t!!!) – New Bio Pics

I’m still in the middle of the craziest move of my life … you know the kind where one day you are making long-term plans and the next you are suddenly selling your house!! I have so much to tell you about staging a home and organizing a move, but I’ve realized that I can not multi-task actually doing those things while blogging about them. Look forward to those – you may have to wait a few months!

I did have something I wanted to share right now, though. I have new Bio Pics! Woohoo!!!!!

A few years ago, in January of 2013 to be specific, I took my last set of Bio Pics. I remember that crazy time because I had JUST had a baby. I sat on the floor of my son’s room with my back to his beadboard and handed my husband my camera. I told him to take a million pictures of me (and I hoped that there would be at least one usable in the mix).

My old bio pic …

2011 Bio Pic - Mary

Not bad for what it is, but I’ve wanted an update for a while! And before I leave Northwest Arkansas, I wanted an appointment with a headshot photographer in the area that comes highly recommended.

So, last weekend, I drug my husband to the photographer and we both had our picture taken. In my opinion, every adult needs a good headshot in the corporate world. Our kids came too, which was kind of hilarious, because normally it’s us staring at THEM getting their picture taken. It was more awkward to smile at the camera (in a solo picture) than I ever gave my children credit for!! Linda somehow produced pictures that look like me AND I like!

Mary ORGANIZES - bio 1

Bio Pic Mary ORGANIZES 2

And Matt’s new headshot shows that awesome salt and pepper hair he’s been developing. He’s a pretty smart guy and just as nice … I’m pretty lucky.

Web Ready-8938

Linda was great to work with and I’m happy with our new pictures. Pretty soon, you’ll start to see these pictures trickle around social media sites, etc., because it is time for a change!

And now … back to packing. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!!!


Happy Organizing!


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32 thoughts on “Look at me! (Or don’t!!!) – New Bio Pics

  1. Adorable! Thanks for sharing. I had the opposite kind of a move, but can finally say I survived. Husband was in a hotel 3 months, apartment 2 months and a nearly empty house for 9 months while our daughter had her senior year of high school. I had lots of time to plan and pack and stress, but the Challenges helped me very much! Enjoy your own challenge – we’ll be chugging along as you’ve taught us!

  2. I love your before pic, but after pics are awesome, too! Matt is a hottie with that salt and pepper hair and that smile. (Until yesterday, my hubby was graying, but when I saw him in the evening he was bald as a cue ball!) Continued prayers and hugs as you make the big move west.

  3. You both look great Mary! I am so sad you are moving but, I am excited about your new adventure. Please let me know who you used for your head shots. I am not thrilled with my current one for work.

    1. Yes, Matt needed to replace his work one too! If you go do the blog post (link should be here), click on the link on the word “Linda” and it will take you to her website. She is in Bella Vista, but worth the drive!

  4. Great pic! You haven’t changed at all. You are just as youthful. Only chane I see is hair slightly longer and highlighted (very pretty). Love the pic of you and your hubby, very cute. A nice happy, loving couple. Great pic!

  5. Love your pics (both) before and after. You’re such a pretty gal and I’m sure you’re as sweet as you look. Your happiness shines through!

  6. I love your before picture so keep using it sometimes. Because the focus is on your healthy beautiful face, distractions of clothing and background are minimal. My suggestion for your new photo is to crop it in closer to minimize the sleeve pattern so the eye is not distracted from your face. Your hubby is a hunk as well as distinguished and smartly dressed. I used to work as an artist for IBM, often taking photos of executives…so I hope you can accept my critique in the spirit of best wishes. You are amazing!

  7. When it rains it pours, right? A move, photos, clients, etc. Good thing that as Professional Organizers we can handle it all and learn compassion for clients who struggle with overwhelm. My most important tool is scheduling. Great post., thanks.

  8. Thank you Mary – your wonderful advice and ideas are so welcome in our lives. It will be worth the wait to hear your selling and moving words of wisdom. Congratulations on your new life adventure! ~Maryjane

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