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If I’ve failed to say it outright, let me fix that now: Your house is not going to look *just like you want it to* overnight. There are circumstances in which people gut and renovate an entire room and create their dream kitchen, spa-like master bathroom, or fill-in-the-blank-AMAZING-room in a short amount of time. These people usually are either very experienced DIY’ers, or they hire a team of people to pull it off for them, and the renovation of each room could take thousands of dollars to pull off. You may be in a fixer upper and going through each room in your house one by one doing this.

Though you mostly read about people doing extreme makeovers, most people aren’t doing extreme makeovers. People writing these things you read online that might make you feel like “everyone else is creating these perfect homes in one day” are all driven for different reasons to share. Take it for what it is – inspiration and advice! But that’s not reality. It is my job to observe how most people live in their homes, and I can tell you that the extreme makeovers are rare.

Most people get to their dream home one small job at a time over years. You must begin with the end in mind and then keep going! Maybe one year you can splurge on those new floors. Maybe paint one room every few months. Maybe use birthdays and holidays as times to splurge on decorating someone’s bedroom and gifting them with new furniture. If you focus on the vision of what you want your house to look like eventually, and then get rid of all the clutter in your way, you’ll get there eventually. Just keep going.

This means get rid of the decorations that aren’t part of the style you vision for future self, because the clutter-less blank slate will give you a chance to start building the look you want slowly. If you keep around junk you don’t really like just to fill a void, well, then it’s hard to ever really find a place for adding what you really love. 

When decorating: Empty space is better than decorating with something you don’t absolutely love that doesn’t make you happy. 

Well, now that I’ve gotten that little talk out-of-the-way, we can get on with the week. Bedrooms are an important place in your home! Let’s give them some love this week!!!

Weekly Assignment Options

Without further delay, let’s see what I have planned for you this week!

Any of these projects will make a huge impact. Choose one project (or more) that will be most meaningful to you and your family! Complete projects one at a time and complete one before moving on to another.

Options – Easy

  • The Walls – Take everything off the walls. Set aside what you’d like to use again, combine it with new things if you choose and put things up that make the walls happy!
  • Decorations (things that sit on surfaces or the floor that are just for looks) – Take all the decorations out of the room. Slowly add back in things that you love and make you happy. Consider new places for each piece of decor, but it is okay to put things back in the same place if you still prefer it there.
  • Drawer Organizers – Make the drawers sing! Spruce them up with drawer organizers, liner, or whatever you need to make them look and feel good.
  • Linens – What do you think about your curtains or bedding? Do you still like them? If you don’t, a little shopping to change these out can give your bedroom a drastic makeover!

Options – Big

  • Paint.
  • Add new or replace existing door hardware, outlet covers, or lighting.
  • Add or replace window treatments.
  • Change out furniture.

*Styling Help*

I have blog posts with inspiring bedroom pictures. Maybe these or some of the rooms I’ve pinned on Pinterest will help … Check out Pinterest HERE or click on the links below for each blog post.

Master Bedroom Inspiration

10 Inspiring Master Bedrooms -v

Girl Bedroom Inspiration

10 Inspiring Girl Rooms -v

Boy Bedroom Inspiration

10 Inspiring Boy Rooms -v

Bedroom Printables

I created a few printables for fun. Download the High-Resolution 8×10 images and enjoy!

“Let him sleep. For when he wakes, he will move mountains.” – Click HERE for FREE 8×10 Printable. For personal use only.

“Though she be but little, she be fierce.” – Click HERE for FREE 8×10 Printable. For personal use only.

“When all else fails, take a nap.” – Click HERE for FREE 8×10 Printable. For personal use only.


What I’ll Be Doing

This week I’ll definitely be focusing on the walls of bedrooms. I don’t have one single thing up on the walls of any rooms yet of the new house … not one single thing. That will change this week!!!

Your Turn To Decide

Take a minute to think about what you’d like to do in your bedrooms this week. You might have a long list of things you’d like to do, but don’t get overwhelmed!

Make a list of everything on your mind you’d like to do to Love Your Bedrooms More. Don’t look at that as a list of things you need to do all at once. Think about each item on the list as an individual task.

  1. Highlight the top three things you want to do to the bedrooms in your home.
  2. Number them 1, 2, and 3.
  3. Start with number one, then move on from there.
  4. Cross off as you complete a task.
  5. After you complete the three highlighted tasks, repeat this process.


So tell me: What will you be doing this week??


Happy Decorating!


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6 thoughts on “Bedroom Week – Love Home Challenge

  1. Thanks Mary for ur great blog, but to be very honest. I think am in to much of a mess, to ever get my house back. My house is clean but loads of clutter, its to much for me to do on my own. My husdand and kids never put things away after them self, so by the time iv tidy there mess. Iv no time or energy to do anything else. Please help

    1. There is no such thing as a mess too bad. It takes a little more time (and therefore a little more patience), but you CAN dig yourself out of this! It takes a lot of work, but it is worth it! In January we will re-start our Declutter Challenge. I definitely suggest doing that with us!!!

  2. We built our home a year ago and everything in the bedroom is in good shape, except the dresser drawers. This week I will be choosing the clothes I want to keep and storing them neatly in those drawers. I know I have multiple sets of cozy pants, summer pjs that need to GO! Thanks for the motivation, Mary!

    1. Sounds like a great choice for the week! Such a great place when you can just tweak things here and there and make a big difference. Keep up the great work!

  3. Before I get into the juici-ness of your post, I just wanted to thank you for that little pep-talk. So many days I get into the doldrums of wanting it all now and I don’t appreciate the beauty of a room coming together. But it is a very slow work in progress. And thanks for the motivation to purge. I’ve slowly been letting go of pieces we got for our wedding that I never really loved and I hope this little talk will influence me to get rid of more.

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