5 Minute Organizing Projects: Small Games

As if there weren’t enough NEW things happening around here (remodeling and repairs started here today, the new planner season just started, and considering everything new that comes with moving and settling in a new area), I thought I’d start another new thing.

I’ve shared quick tips for organizing that can be done very quickly, so now I’m going to start sharing things more regularly under the new series category heading: 5 Minute Organizing Projects.

I want to call attention to all the little things we can do to make a big difference, and how these little things often don’t take very much time at all!

My hope is to inspire you to choose little things here and there to organize. You don’t have to do it as one big project at a time. Small parts add up!

We added this cabinet to the dining room a few weeks ago so that I could finally unpack our games. We LOVE games around here and we were all missing them. The Water Lalapalooza has delayed setting this room up for long enough, so even though there are still holes in the walls, we added the cabinet and unpacked the games. I tossed away all the excuses to delay – the floor and wall would be repaired whether or not I continued to settle in around the disrepair.


You don’t necessarily see the large hole unless you happen to look at the lower wall…


Pretending to ignore the huge holes in the walls has done a lot for my sanity. Of course, in the background of all that we’ve made arrangements for the repairs. There were a lot of pieces to figure out – finalizing insurance claims, getting bids from different construction companies, selecting finishes, and more. And funny enough, you’ll see in the pictures that repairs have officially begun today!

This morning as I was waiting for the construction and painting guys to show up, I decided to take 5 minutes to organize the small games in this cabinet. I didn’t like how that shelf looked when I unpacked everything. The bins that fit on our shelves in Arkansas didn’t fit well in this cabinet. Getting bins that fit the space well makes a huge difference. And of course, it was a very quick fix.


It’s just kind of piled in there because the containers don’t maximize the space at all! It’s hard to get to the stuff at the back.


The other cabinet looks okay to me. We can see all the games and get to them easily enough.


I brought over the new containers to the floor in front of the cabinet.


I then pulled out everything on that shelf and sorted them into the new containers.

And then the construction guys came as soon as I finished, before I took the “after” pictures. Seriously, you can’t make up this kind of timing.

So, I waited for the men to go on their lunch break (I didn’t want to get in their way), and I went to the garage, where the cabinet was moved during repairs, to get pictures of the newly organized shelf. Taking the pictures to blog about this took longer than the project itself!



Here’s the cabinet sitting in the garage. During all the chaos, every little victory feels extra satisfying. I’m glad to have these games organized. Chaos is consistent, but I’m going to keep doing what I can so it’s easier to roll with the punches.



What 5 Minute Organizing Projects will you do soon?


Happy Organizing!


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