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Last week I challenged you to do something to your home for the sake of someone else. This is our last week of the Love Home Challenge, and I want to end doing a little something for ourselves. The lines blur for me because I love things being organized and beautiful, so whether I’m doing it for my kids, my friends, or myself – it all feels like it’s for me!

But still, it’s easy to put organizing my husband’s spaces or my kids’ spaces first because I see the need and I want to make their lives better. So without really meaning to, taking care of my own space drops to the end of my to-do list because it’s easier to procrastinate when I’m the only one affected. Really though, I think it’s okay to put our family first in this way most of the time, when it comes to organizing or decorating (I’m not talking about essential-to-life-taking-care-of-ourselves stuff). The only issue is the projects that would make us happy or make our lives easier are piling up un-done.

This week is the time to pull one of those projects out of the pile and make it happen. It’s not selfish, because doing something for ourselves renews us so we have the energy to help other people.

Weekly Assignments

The projects that will make the biggest difference to you are different than what I would want to do, or what anyone else wants to do. Without being specific, here are some ideas of focuses – things that would help you Love Your Home again, but are just for you.

Option Ideas

  • Think of something that will make your mornings better. Organize or decorate your closet? What about new linens in the bathroom to enjoy during your morning shower?
  • Is there a space in your house where you spend a lot of time but makes you feel blah, like a room that has no style or personality? Give that space a makeover and it will become a source of joy instead of blah.
  • Do you work from home? Could you do something that would make your work flow better? If your space is already functional, add some beauty. Beauty makes a space feel better, and feeling better makes things flow better!

Those are some thoughts, but really, there are no rules. Just pick a project for your home that will help you love it more. (And tell me what you’re choosing!)

What I’ll Be Doing

My choice is pretty easy this week. I need to work more on getting my studio setup. Not surprisingly, it has been the last area in my house to get attention since we’ve moved. But now that planner season is up and running, I need this room functioning at it’s best. I took these pictures earlier this week. I’ve already worked on it in the past week, but it needs to be much better. I can’t wait to make it look good! There is a work area and a place to hang out (or for my kids to hang out while I work). I love my huge new space so much!


But, I’ll love it a lot more when the boxes are gone and everything is as it should be. The room may look scary to approach, but putting it all together is something I really enjoy.


There are pretty views up here… but seriously, why did this light fixture get put in this spot?! This is a beautiful ceiling in a little circular hallway. It is such a FUN architectural area with such a BORING light fixture. This is on my list to update after everything gets painted.


My favorite view from up here is of the doors leading to my husband’s office downstairs. I love that we both work from home. That was ONE DAY worth of Amazon boxes… I may have a problem. But really, who has the time to get to the store for everything when you can just order it?


Now You Decide

What will you be doing this week? I want to know! Remember to make it all about YOU.

Happy Decorating!


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