Moving? 10 Things A Professional Organizer Buys FIRST


I love being a Professional Organizer! Part of what I do for my clients is help strategize the best approach to tricky situations. Do you have a whole bunch of rooms that are a cluttered mess and you don’t know where to start? I help clients figure out where to start.

I bet you already know that figuring out where or how to start is sometimes the very trickiest thing to do!

I just moved and I thought it would be fun to show you the items I ordered from Amazon to arrive FIRST at the new house to help get us settled in faster. These are the first things we installed in the new house.

This is where I started. And maybe knowing where I started will help you know where to start.

And yes, I really did personally buy all these things listed, even all three of the drawer liners (kitchen, bathrooms, kid bathrooms)! Feel free to ask questions!

*I am an Amazon Associate, so if you did make any purchases from these links, you get awesome stuff and I get a small commission. Win-win!*

 The 10 Things I Bought First For The New House

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1. Scissors!

We used these scissors 1 million times a day during the first few weeks to open boxes. We even used it to cut pizza and veggies before we unpacked our knives! These scissors are multi-purpose and can even get washed in the dishwasher. LOVE.

2. Toilet Paper & Paper Towels

Moving is such a busy, crazy time. You do not want to get caught without your papers. If you’ve never ordered toilet paper or paper towels from Amazon, you are missing out. Some may call it lazy, but I just think it is intelligent delegating to have someone else bring these big bulky things to my house! (Grocery shopping for a family of 6 – I need to save room in my cart for food.)



I also used this as a time to get a new paper towel holder. It wasn’t necessary, but I don’t regret it. This is the one I chose.

3. Cleaning Supplies

I still use all my Shaklee cleaners (the kit is the best place to start), but I bought some extra things especially to prep the house and get it squeaky clean. Some of my favorite new toys are my Magic Eraser Mop, long bendy duster, and OXO Deep Clean Brush Set.


My other house had Central Vac, and my backup vacuum broke the day we moved out (I can’t even make up that kind of thing), so a vacuum was NECESSARY. This is what I chose. The HEPA filter pushed me over the edge in my choice and I’ve never enjoyed vacuuming as much as I have in the last month.

4. Carpet Tape

Securing large carpets before you place furniture makes sense. Instead of using carpet pads on wood floors, I tape down the edges with this Carpet Tape. The amazing thing is that it pulls off of your wood floors without leaving a sticky residue! I tested it when taking the carpet out of the dining room during the Water Lalapalooza and was impressed with how easily it came up.

I even use it to tape down the edges of the next thing on my list.

5. Drawer Liners

Lining your drawers before you pack things into them saves time and energy. Lining drawers protects them from getting scuffed up. Selecting the right liner is important! My favorite is non-adhesive and non-porous. I don’t want the whole liner stuck down like a permanent big sticker, but I do want the edges stuck down so the liner stays in place. (I use the Carpet Tape I mentioned above.)



6. Shower Curtain Rods & Rings

I left my shower curtain rods behind at the other house. Even though the previous owners left some here, they were a rusty mess! New ones were necessary. Rust spreads stains I don’t want to deal with.

I also updated from hooks to rings for our shower curtains because I was sick of the hooks getting stuck when pulled across the rod and hooks falling off. These metal rings look better than the plastic versions and aren’t annoying – it’s as good as it gets.

7. Sink Supplies

The sink starts being used from Day 1, so I wanted my sink in order right away. This under-the-sink liner came in handy immediately because a pipe was loose in the kitchen faucet and I found this full of water! The pipe is now tightened and there is no damage. Woohoo!

I’ve also loved our new sink drains, waterproof basket to hold dish soap and accessories, foaming soap dispenser, and drying mat.



8. Drawer Dividers

I didn’t need all new drawer dividers, but the truth is, every drawer size is a little different, so my dividers from my last house couldn’t immediately be converted and used here! I ordered a few new ones to fill in the gaps. My favorite (I ordered more after the first pack!) were these bamboo adjustable drawer dividers. With drawer liner (#5) in and then these, the drawer feels completely ready to go.

I also ordered this one and this one to fill out my now larger makeup drawer.



9. Kitchen Cabinet Organizers

These were a bit of a splurge, but having a functional kitchen is so worth it to me! For my kitchen, I ordered these double high roll-out shelves for pots and pans, a roll-out lid organizer, this single high roll-out for baking ingredients, this garbage/recycling pull-out, three of these for cookie sheets/ cutting boards/ trays, and this one for wax paper and aluminum foil. (I use electric brackets to attach the last two things to the cabinet bottoms, so they don’t shift… the other things come with screws to install.)





10. Fast Track

We left all the Fast Tracks up at the old house, so I needed more. I’ve used this to organize my garage for so many years now and I still love them. I can’t imagine not using them in my garage.


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Your Turn…

Have you moved recently? What were the first things you ordered? Comment below! It will be like a brainstorming session for anyone who reads this!

Happy Organizing!



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6 thoughts on “Moving? 10 Things A Professional Organizer Buys FIRST

  1. The timing of this post couldn’t be more perfect. I’m laying on my bed under a blanket–trolling Facebook, frozen by the enormity of unpacking a million boxes, organizing and cleaning a home that was left really gross by the previous owners . Thanks for the tips Mary!

    1. I’m so sorry about the grossness. I have a post coming this week sharing those kinds of fun things I found! :) At least I had a few days to clean before the stuff was moved in!

  2. We just moved in June. I was lucky to find a book group for newcomers. We are reading the book “After the boxes are unpacked” by Susan Miller~Moving on after moving In. I have days where I am motivated and I want to organize my new home, then there are days where the boxes sit in the corner waiting to get unpacked, or stacked in the closet. Moving can be overwhelming at times. Mary should write a book about moving too.

    1. Yes! I should! ;)

      Here is a little unsolicited advice: Sometimes breaking the big task into tiny parts can help. Make a list of all the things, breaking them into the smallest little actions as possible, then just highlight something you feel comfortable doing. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, change the expectation for yourself to accomplish something you WANT to do instead of HAVE TO do. Often, just being productive can help us overcome the overwhelmed feelings. :)

  3. Hi Mary! Its me again, Jill. How is the moving in going? It really amazed me to find out you were moving because we may be too! I would really love to learn how to move in an organized fashion or whats the easiest way to do things. I am sure i can learn alot from you! If you have any advice or even a blog on it that would be cool! I read this post and it was great! Thanks Mary!

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