STAR WARS Stormtrooper Popcorn Box {FREE PRINTABLE}


One night recently, I thought I was being so clever putting my 3-year-old to bed. My husband was out of town on business, I was really tired, and I just wanted him to stay in bed!

I asked him what he wanted to be for Halloween and he listened attentively as I listed possibilities. When I said “Stormtrooper” his face lit up so bright and he excitedly agreed that’s what he wanted to be for Halloween. I told him I would be getting him a costume, but first he needed to go to bed and stay in bed. He happily agreed, “I will not get out of bed, mommy. I want to be a Stormtrooper.”

Here’s the thing – he doesn’t really think it counts as getting out of bed if he has something important to tell me. So for the next three hours, he came and found me every 10-20 minutes with really important things to tell me. “You need to buy a Stormtrooper costume tomorrow.” “Mommy, don’t forget to buy a stormtrooper costume.” “Mommy, I’ve been staying in bed, so don’t forget to buy me a stormtrooper costume.” “Mommy, I’m going to be a stormtrooper for Halloween, don’t forget.” “If I’m going to be a stormtrooper, I need a costume, can we buy it tomorrow?”

My plan backfired and his Stormtrooper obsession has been set ever since. Every day he asks me how many days are left until Halloween. Every day. He announces often and excitedly, as if we don’t all know already, “I’m going to be a stormtrooper for Halloween!”

So, I will try anything I can do to help him wait for Halloween, including letting him play in his costume early. That’s why I knew exactly what popcorn box I wanted to create in this year’s roundup of decorated Popcorn Boxes! Of course, I want you to be able to make it too!


The Star Wars Stormtrooper Popcorn Box

Popcorn is a popular fall treat for kid parties for a reason – it’s not made of pure sugar (like most other Halloween party food), it’s pretty cheap, and kids like it! Win-win-win!

Popcorn is very easy to make … AND SO ARE THESE STORMTROOPER BOXES!

Here’s how to make a Stormtrooper popcorn box:


You’ll need these simple materials:

Here are some helpful links if you want to order any supplies from Amazon:


How To:

Download the Free Printable and print on card stock. Cut out the big Stormtrooper head and popcorn box shaped Stormtrooper body, then glue them to the popcorn box. Fill with Popcorn! So easy!

I will probably use these for Birthday Parties, Halloween parties, and any day I think my favorite boy could use a pick-me-up during snack time! 

While I researching what a Stormtrooper costume looked like to create the printable, I found some great sources for Star Wars coloring pages.


Bonus: Make Your Own Star Wars Coloring Book


4 Great Sources of FREE Star Wars Coloring Pages

I’ll need more distractions for my little Stormtrooper to survive the next few weeks of anticipation before Halloween.

I printed some of these out, stapled them together, and now my son has a Star Wars coloring book customized to his favorite things. Winning!

Here are the sources I used:

Decorated Popcorn Box Round-Up

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Are you feeling inspired yet?! Which box will you make?

Happy Partying!


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