To Help Someone Else – Love Home Challenge


This week’s focus is really fun! We are going to think of a project that helps someone else in our home! Part of Loving our Homes more is creating a good feeling in our homes. Showing kindness and thoughtfulness by example. Love will be felt this week, and that is a pretty good feeling.

If you live alone, think about how you can make your home more welcoming and a better experience for your guests. Maybe this week will inspire you to invite a friend over and do something kind for them.




Weekly Assignment Options

What a fun week to focus on someone else and make their lives and their spaces a little brighter this week! There are so many possibilities, way more than I have listed here, so just go where your heart leads this week.

Remember: Complete projects one at a time and complete one before moving on to another.

The Options

  • Check the bedding & linen for others in the home. Is it still their style? Is it comfortable for them?
  • How about the decor on the walls or surface areas in other people’s rooms? Is that still working for them?
  • Pick a project in your spouse’s office or personal area at home. Help them organize their desktop or shelves with some nice looking organizers, add artwork, or solve a problem in the room.
  • Carefully select an inspiring artwork with a personal message or meaning just for someone else in your home and display it in a place that they can see regularly. Talk to them about the artwork to make sure they know it is for them!
  • Think about someone else’s daily routines. Is there something you could do to the home that would make it easier for them or brighten their mood during their daily routine?
  • Focus on the guest bedroom – declutter it and make it welcoming.




What I’ll Be Doing

This week I’ll be setting up a homework station for my girls that doubles as a coloring station for my preschooler. 

My inspiration is actually something I did a really long time ago… I’m going to bring it back, but in an updated and improved way! It will be the same basket, though. That basket has served many purposes since this April 2012 Blog Post (what a throw back!)

There is a great spot for it in the new house.

Here is the picture in the last house when I did something similar:


Your Turn To Decide

There are so many options when it comes to helping do something for another person in our homes. Please share what you decide to do!


Happy Decorating!



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6 thoughts on “To Help Someone Else – Love Home Challenge

  1. Awww Mary-I just wanted to let you know that I enjoy your blog so much!! My kids are grown and all gone now-so I am cleaning out decades worth of stuff from the closets and cubbyholes of my house-your energy helps keep me on track! Seeing your homework station made me remember those crazy days when they all lived at home! Having a system and structure makes life easier for them!

    1. Yes, a system and structure makes such a difference. We know that kids will rarely adhere strictly to what is expected, but starting with some structure helps us not veer so off course when that happens!! :)

      Keep on going with your clean-out!! That is so awesome!!

  2. Last week we had hardwood floors installed on first level! This week those rooms plus two upstairs are being painted. Even though we contracted these jobs, there is lots of work for us before and after the contractors work. I put in extra effort and energy with the prep for these projects so as to lighten hubby’s load. We work pretty well together.

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