Seasonal Budget FREE Printable {Holiday Guide}

Holiday Guide - Seasonal Budget FREE Printable

Today I have another holiday printable for you: A seasonal budget. I imagine you’re giving me the slow clap right now because you are so excited. Let me just think that, okay?

I think the printable explains itself, but remember to stay in your budget. Our children really don’t want all the stuff we think they do. They want us! The holidays don’t have to be expensive to be special. And also … you will be so happy come January when you aren’t paying for a whole bunch of splurge purchases you already regret.

Download the Seasonal Budget Worksheet here.

Holiday Guide - Seasonal Budget _sm

And if you haven’t downloaded the Holiday Guide, do it now.

I’ve shared a different version of this printable before, but I was in the mood to give it a fresh face. Maybe the original version is better for you – you choose!

Download the Original Holiday Budget Worksheet.

Holiday Budget



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6 thoughts on “Seasonal Budget FREE Printable {Holiday Guide}

  1. “Our children really don’t want all the stuff we think they do.” I need to share this with some of my family! My mom and my [names omitted to protect the guilty] used to think they had to buy EVERY. SINGLE. THING. on my nieces’ mile-long Christmas lists, or said nieces would A) feel deprived, B) stop loving them, C) think they were mean scrooges. As a budget counselor, this used to drive me BONKERS, and no amount of logic would get through. Fortunately the nieces are grown and Mom just gives a set amount of money, which is smaller than the combined kid gifts used to be.

    I’m off my rant now. Thanks for indulging me, and thank you for the awesome printable tool.

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