Practical Stocking Stuffers (that I want!)

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Growing up, I always had some fruit at the bottom of my stocking, nuts you had to crack open with a nutcracker, then things like a toothbrush, deodorant, hair brush … or any hygiene item I needed, some candy, gum, socks, underwear, gloves or a scarf, and then a small special present. And I thought it was magical! Underwear and deodorant!

Then, after my family finished opening presents, I would take my stash of gifts and make a list of every single thing I received. Making this list was one of my favorite parts of Christmas. The practical items, like toothbrush and pack of gum, were just as important to include.

I love practical gifts! Not that I don’t want something shiny every once in a while, but a nice vacuum is good for me! One of my favorite birthday gifts from my family was a nice stainless steel trash can I wanted. (I still love that thing.) People tell me that I should feel offended with gifts that are “for the house” and not “just for me”, but I don’t. I don’t feel offended at all. I feel happy to get these things for the house that I really wanted.

If you like practical gifts, these might work for you too.

I’m going to send my husband this link and tell him he can get me anything off this list. (Hi, Matt!)

Practical Stocking Stuffers

Stainless steel measuring cups and measuring spoons: In my mind this has the makings of a perfect gift because it is something I really want (can’t fully explain why), but won’t buy myself since I have perfectly good plastic stuff.

stainless-steel-measuring-cups stainless-steel-measuring-spoons

Chalk labels and chalk markers: I’m always running out of these and I like keeping more on hand for when I get the urge to organize a closet and NEED labels. I go through a ton of these, so this is like getting a bottle of toothpaste when I was a kid: I want and need it!


Zippered bags to organize my purse: I’m a little weird, because I think pencil cases are very practical for purse organizing. They are just the size for little hygiene items or makeup. And I can have more than one in different colors for different things: monthly bag, first aid kit, make-up on the go, charging kit, etc.


More Staedtler pens: I can never have enough. These are my favorite, but I lose them all the time. I will carry them in my purse, then my 3-year-old will “borrow” it or I’ll leave it at the dentist’s office when I fill out the paperwork. These pens are my favorite!


Little Cord Keepers: A lot of these got messed up in the move and I need some new ones. It is bugging me how my computer charging cord keeps falling behind my desk! And my charging cords at my night stand fall behind – so annoying. I need black and white to match different places.

cord-clips-white cord-clips-black

Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner: This is how I clean my microwave anyway (well, I’ve used lemon juice instead of vinegar in the steaming water, but I’m willing to try it this way), and I think it would be convenient to have something like this instead of dirtying one of my Pyrex measuring glasses that gets really hot while I’m steaming it in the microwave. This is just the sort of practical novelty that is perfect for a gift!


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Mrs. Meyer’s scented hand soap: Because I think it’s okay if you want to buy your own stocking Stuffers!!!

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Merry Christmas!


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18 thoughts on “Practical Stocking Stuffers (that I want!)

  1. My two daughters are adults and ‘minimalists’, so Christmas gifts are usually things that they’ve requested or cash toward the purchase of a big item. I miss giving them the surprise of unwrapping a gift that is unexpected. A few years ago, I started giving them a grab bag of little gifts. Things I pick up over time as I see them…..hand cream, new eye shadow palette, a sleep mask for travel, cute note pad, small magnifying mirror, lip balm, kitchen gadgets….really anything that’s small & not too expensive. Surprisingly, they really get into it and we have a blast. I think they miss the ‘old days’ a little too.

    1. Sounds like you’ve worked up the perfect way to make the most of the gift giving. I used to send my grandma care packages at Christmas with lots of fun little things. She loved it so much!

  2. I, too, love practical gifts. I have a wonderful set if stainless steel measuring spoons where the bowl is elongated to fit into spice boxes. That’s what you need.

    1. I had a hard time choosing between elongated or this set because it has a 3/4 tsp! I couldn’t find an elongated set that had that AND the other ones … one had it, but was missing 1/2 Tablespoon. Haven’t found something perfect yet.

      1. I’ve got a set that is magnetic (they stick to each other when nested) and double-ended (one side is round the other is elongated). I really like the magnetic feature and the double-ended feature! Sometimes the spoon size I need is dirty from measuring one ingredient and it’s handy to be able to just flip it over and measure something else out. Unfortunately it doesn’t come with all the sizes of the set you included in this list, though.

        The handle just broke off one of my plastic measuring cups. I need the stainless ones you listed! Practical gifts are the best.

          1. Yes mine look just like that, except they are green plastic. I accidentally partially melted one side measuring out hot grease for some recipe, so stainless steel would have been much better! Or I should have just eyeballed 2 tsp of hot bacon grease ;-)

  3. Your list of good quality useful things that will bring you pleasure as you use them throughout the year is very inspirational. I added the pencil case to my list. I love using my stainless measuring cups and spoons and Stadler pens.

  4. These are great!
    I always ask for my favorite pen/markers that I looooove for my calendar, but get swiped by children before the end of March, hahaha!
    My kids usually get new art supplies and bath things in their stockings, along with a pack of undies and socks (we usually do a fun pair of socks though)! This year my preteen is going to get smell-good stuff. So she will smell good. ;-)

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