Renovation: Materials Chosen and Painting Started (Phase 1)

Remember my Water Lalapalooza 2016 post? If you didn’t see that, I’ll summarize by saying that we had some water damage thanks to a missing washer on the hose of our washing machine.

We took the list of repairs paid for by our home insurance and used the chance to add some upgrades. These were things on my wish-list and I’m ecstatic they get to happen so soon after moving in! Big repairs are a big pain, but also an opportunity. I mean, if you’re tearing your house apart to re-do all of your wood floors, you might as well have a little fun with it.

First, I had to make choices. I did a lot of this while the insurance stuff was being worked out. Paint colors, tiles, counters, backsplash tiles… but I still have not chosen the new stain color for my hardwood. That will happen before the hardwood is stained, no doubt.

I painted samples on my wall in places where light reflects a touch differently, so I could see the differences between the various colors.


Next, I went to select the (1) Quartz slabs for the counters, (2) tiles for the kitchen and laundry room floor, and (3) tiles for the kitchen back splash and the fireplace surround. I went with softer, classic choices for the permanent things since I am loud with my furniture and decor!



Soon after I confirmed my choices, the contractor was ready to get the painting crew started. There is a time and a place for DIY, but for this renovation, it makes the most sense to get help. We just can’t be everything and do everything all the time! Can I get an “Amen”?!

The painters started with the ceilings.





After the ceilings were done, the walls started next. It was crazy watching my kitchen, dining, and living rooms transform with the brighter colors! White ceilings make such a difference.



I’m so glad I wasn’t the one painting these incredibly high ceiling, walls, and trim!



I’m absolutely in love with the new blue on this wall!


The gold walls in my son’s room were a bit of a stretch for me, but I’m confident it will fit better when I’m done with the changes I’m planning.


The trim is nowhere near finished yet because the painters will come back and do that after the floor is finished and I’ll be doing some of it myself after they’re done, but some of the upper trim has been painted already. I didn’t realize how NOT WHITE the trim was before! Look at the difference!


The changes around here are really starting to add up! I’ll keep you posted on the progress. I CAN’T WAIT to finish everything and actually get settled in my house. Since the water damage happened so soon after we moved in, I still haven’t really been able to fully unpack or settle in yet. I’m trying to be patient, but I’m not so successful at that.

Next, I will be showing you how the walls were put back together and the tile and counter installed. I would like to see the tile finished too – ha!

See the BEFORE PICTURES in this post.


Happy Renovating!


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4 thoughts on “Renovation: Materials Chosen and Painting Started (Phase 1)

  1. I love hearing about your progress, and even the setbacks and your feelings. You inspire me to do the many little things that need doing because you are handling big jobs while taking care of a large family. You go Girl!

  2. The brighter colors look so much better! You are handling the water damage like a champ. Can’t wait to see the progress.

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