Woodburning – My New Hobby


I found a new hobby! Okay, that’s not really a new thing, because I collect hobbies in my spare time. I love learning new things and creating things relaxes me, which results in me wanting to learn new craft hobbies for my rejuvenation time. Creative time is a kind of therapy for me – I just finish feeling good! And when I can normally be such a perfectionist, I can put that aside while I do crafts, which feels so good!

My latest hobby is Wood Burning (officially known as Pyrography). I want to work up to a wall hanging, but I’m starting with small things until I’m ready. I’m having a lot of fun making cool spoons to give as gifts. Sorry if you’re related to me and I’m ruining your whole Christmas! Ha!

Here’s a little demo of all the fun …

Suggested Supplies

If you want to collect this hobby too or want to gift the supplies to someone else, here are the supplies I used in the video. It isn’t such an expensive hobby, luckily.

Gift Ideas

Gift Ideas using Wooden Spoons with your fun new wood burning hobby.

  • Wedding Gift – Pair a set of kitchen spoons with a mixing bowl and pretty dish towels.
  • Soup-Themed Gift – Pair a ladle with a few of your favorite soup recipes, maybe the ingredients too.

I think organizing is important, but I don’t stay organized so that I can organize … I organize so I have time for the things I love – like creating! I hope you can make the time to do something you enjoy too!


Happy Creating,


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6 thoughts on “Woodburning – My New Hobby

  1. OH. MY. GOSH. I have to do wood burning now! I’ve also wanted to cut plastic stencils, and this type of heat tool will do that, so who needs any more reasons to get one???!!! I do wonder, just for safety if you should unplug the tool before changing the tips? Going to go find some wooden pieces to BURN BABY BURN!! Thanks for sharing.

    1. I don’t have the patience to un-plug, and it isn’t necessary if you use pliers. The tool is designed for changing out the tips, so it isn’t like playing around with an electrical appliance with it still plugged in. :) You’ll see! I’m so excited you’re going to try it. Have so much fun!!!!

      1. Well, I was at the new outlet mall south of LR yesterday and they have a kitchen shop, so, of course I bought a 6 pack of wood/bamboo tools to practice on. I can’t wait to have fun. I’m trying to decide how to give the personalized tools. Do I tie them to a mason jar of chili mix or something? Still working on that part of the gift. I foresee a lack of sleep before Christmas!

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