Christmas Storage: Putting Away Christmas Decor


There is one thing I store in my attic at my new house: all my Christmas Stuff. Since we only use it once a year, I like it all tucked away out of sight the rest of the year. I’m keeping our decorations out longer than usual this year since we didn’t even finish decorating until a few days before Christmas this year. Normally everything comes down on the 26th so I can get the house sparkly clean for the New Year.

{Decorations came late because most of the fall was spent reconstructing the house from Flood #1, and the same day I paid the last payment to the contractor for all the work … we had Flood #2!! You seriously can’t make up that kind of timing. lol}

Organizing It

Organized Packing of Christmas Things Makes Decorating Easier!

Even if a box isn’t all the way full, I keep things separate, into categories like:

  • Kitchen items
  • Things for the big trees
  • Things for smaller trees
  • Mantle decor
  • Christmas books
  • Advent calendars
  • Outdoor lights
  • Gift Wrap Supplies

Packing Recommendations

When I’m pulling decorations in and out of the attic, packing does matter! These are my recommendations for storing Christmas. These kinds of containers make it so much easier to store everything safely.

1 – Clear Bins

I use these to store all the regular stuff. Clear bins make everything easier! You can see by sight what it contains and find things more easily.

A few different sizes are helpful: like small, medium, large, and extra-large.



2 – Wreath Box

I like these hard wreath boxes. I’ve been lucky to find some at the store before, but now I’m seeing mostly soft ones at the store.


3 – Tree Bags

Getting Trees in and out of the attic, especially with tall ceilings and a long ladder, is not fun with a box. I like these Tree Bags because there are handles even on the ends where you need them.


4 – Light Reels

Why deal with a mess of cords every year? I’ve been using a make shift light real before I even discovered these Light Reels.


5 – Ornament Chest

I first used an Ornament Chest a few years ago. I used to wrap ornaments one by one in tissue paper. This is so much easier and I think it keeps them safer!


6 – Gift Wrap Organizer

If I keep Christmas wrap with my other wrapping, it overwhelms it. I keep it with all my other Christmas things in my attic instead.

I like this Gift Wrap Organizer, because it is slender enough to fit under the bed and out of the way during the season.


7 – Tissue Paper

When I’m packing precious keepsakes, I wrap them in Tissue Paper to keep them safe!

Tip: Keep the tissue paper organized with your gift wrap.



These are my recommendations. I really do think they’ll make your Christmas Storage easier!

When do you take down your Christmas Decor?



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9 thoughts on “Christmas Storage: Putting Away Christmas Decor

  1. We take down our decorations just after New Years Day. After we sort, declutter and store the decorations we will put the bins in the mini attic. In the meantime, the storage bins are stacked in the laundry room. It is a large room so this works for the month of December. Well, I’ll be sorting and packing in that space when you start the laundry room challenge! I’m thinking of just proceeding as I planned and when the deco is stored away, I will declutter that room on the fly. (I did a good job last year and a follow up when we painted in October, sonit is in good shape.) happy New Year.

  2. I use a lot of your methods except I store my decorations in totes BY ROOM. That way, I can bring up a room at a time from the basement and put all the year-round decor that I’m removing right back in the designated tote(s), where its ready to go back in the room after the holidays.

  3. So Mary, when are you planning to take your decorations down this year? Or did you already do it? I know you had the water palooza happen.

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