Get Ready – Prep For Success!


The Declutter Challenge is almost a week away, so I wanted to make sure you are squared away!

The 4 Most Important Details – 

#1 – Know The Plan

There are two main ways to know how the program works, which room to work on and what to do:

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#2 – Join A Group

Getting the right support during your declutter is so important! Facebook groups have proven to be very successful encouragement. Our group has been very successful at helping people!

[FREE] Get Organized Today Facebook Group

This is an amazing group of supportive people. The group focuses on whatever the current challenge is, whether it is Decluttering, Spring Cleaning, Organizing Challenge, etc.


#3 – Get In The Mood To Declutter

I’ve cataloged all my decluttering posts in one easy to access blog post. Read through the articles, especially the ones that apply most for you.

Don’t just wing it, stop and think through what you’re doing. That will be the start of real and lasting change.


#4 – Make A Plan For Yourself

Make a plan for yourself – how will you work this challenge into your life? Don’t just guess, really think about when and how you could do it. Big goals like this don’t happen by accident.

Also, get your bags and boxes ready! You’ll need a place to put trash and recycle items. Don’t let silly obstacles like that delay you from starting.



I’m so excited, I really wait all year for this!!!


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15 thoughts on “Get Ready – Prep For Success!

  1. This will be my second year to do the declutter…….As I was cleaning up today from Christmas I stacked all my sizeable empty boxes because I knew I would need them to move out all the stuff cluttering my home and my life. I’m ready! Let’s go!

  2. I have purchased the printable pack, but everytime I click the link to join the FB group, I get a message that the content is unavailable, or I don’t have permission to view, etc. Is the page live yet?

  3. Yes, thank you, that is the link I have been using. After several more unsuccessful attempts I did get through just now to make a request to join. Hopefully I will be participating soon. Thanks again!

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