Protecting My Christmas Tree Cord


We bought a new Christmas tree this year. And I did something I’ve never done before: I bought a pre-lit tree. I was so terrified of plugging it in and the lights just NOT turning on. We ended up braving a pre-lit tree mostly because I wanted a tall tree for my tall ceiling, but didn’t want to attach lights up and down such a big tree!

Now an enormous 10 1/2 foot tree is in my living room, but I’m still nervous that the lights will just go out anytime. I love the way it looks, though, except this cord really bothered me.


Problems With This Cord

  • It’s a trip-hazard.
  • It gets caught in the vacuum.
  • It doesn’t look good.
  • If it gets pulled wrong, it could ruin my new Christmas Tree and then my fears about the lights would probably come true.

Seriously, ugh!!

But there’s a happy ending …

One of my favorite things about blogging is occasionally getting to try new products. Cordapillar sent me their cord protecting product to try and it works perfectly for a Christmas tree.


***I think the Grey color version shows up really well for these pictures, but I think the Black version would hide well against the black floor.***

What I Love:

  • It was SO EASY TO USE! The Cordapillar comes with all the little pieces separate and you just pop them together, as many as you need for the length you want.
  • I can vacuum right over it! My cords get caught in my vacuum all.the.time, but my vacuum goes right over the Cordapillar.
  • NO MORE TRIP HAZARDS! Instead of avoiding the cord and trying to not trip on it, we can just walk on it.

I liked it so much on the Christmas tree, I found some other places to try it.

I like to move my air filter all around the open areas in my house, and the cord can be an issue when I want it in certain places.

The Cordapillar can curve or go straight, without affecting the cord tucked inside at all. (It bends like a caterpillar, who’d have thought?!)


My FAVORITE place for it is in my husband’s office!

His desk is in the middle of the room, but he obviously still wants his computer, monitor, etc., to plug in at his desk. There is no way to do this except having a cord go across an open area. At least the cord is protected now! I’ve tried other cord protectors, and nothing has worked this well or lasted.

Seriously, the stuff is almost indestructible (you can drive a car on it!), so it can hold up just fine to my husbands chair rolling on it when he wants to get to his printer.


Did I mention it stops cords from getting stuck in my vacuum?!



And that it comes in three colors?

Black, Grey, and Yellow/Black Hazard Strip colors

Cordapillar colors

Where I plan to use a Cordapillar Next:

  • When extension cords for Christmas or decor lights need to go across outdoor cement paths.
  • My Garage!! There is ONE electrical outlet in my garage here at the new house, I will need to protect extension cords when I want to do anything!

Learn more about Cordapillar on their website or Cordapillar Facebook Page.

I think these would make great Christmas gifts! You know I prefer practical gifts!

What do you think: Are you as afraid of pre-lit trees as me? How do you protect your cords?


Happy Organizing,


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9 thoughts on “Protecting My Christmas Tree Cord

  1. While I think the Cordapillar looks like an awesome product (and kudos to the person who came up with the name), I feel deprived that you didn’t show us a full-length picture of your beautiful tree. :-) (I’m a sparkly-Christmas-tree junkie, just so you know.)

    And, yes, I’ve always been afraid to buy a large prelighted tree. I have a small one that worked for a few years and now it doesn’t. I ended up having to string lights on it, after all. (At least it’s small.)

    1. Confession: My tree doesn’t have ornaments yet (except for the new ones my kids are getting/making this year). It has been quite a year for us. Ornaments coming soon and hopefully a picture too! (Maybe on Instagram??)

  2. We’ve had our pre-lit tree for Years. We bought it from a specialty Christmas Shop long before Costco or any other store around town sold them. When the lights give out, we just replace them…individually. It takes some time, but it works. However, last year when we bought replacement lights, the store accidentally stocked “bright white” lights in “warm white” packages and, unfortunately, we ended up with one. We didn’t discover it until AFTER my husband had spent oodles of time replacing the lights. I was upset about it and vowed to replace all those bright white lights, but it didn’t happen. Oddly enough, the tree is decorated and we just laugh about it! If I knew how to post a picture here in this comment, I would! Merry Christmas, Everyone!

    1. You have a good sense of humor! Pretty sure the light difference might make me go crazy. :) It’s funny what we think we couldn’t tolerate, but then it becomes a sort of inside joke that then becomes a favorite memory. Merry Christmas!

  3. I love it. There are so many places to put one. One thing that can be helpfull is I have one of those vacation timers on my tree so it just turns on and by its self.

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