Water Lalapalooza #2 (Yep, Number TWO)

Last week we were in Disney World. It was a much needed break for all of us and the kids were in heaven. (There is a story behind little man not matching in this photo, but I don’t want to go into gross details like that.)


The night before we left for our Magical trip, we had our second home flood within a few months. I’ve been sharing updates from Water Lalapalooza #1. And you can be sure I’ll share updates from Lalapalooza #2 once I get settled in.

What happened: My son happened to leave his bathroom faucet running and we headed to the store. When we came home a few hours later, damage had already been caused in his bathroom, hallway, bedroom, my husband’s office, and the master closet. With my parent’s help, we managed to still leave the next morning.

There was a point while cleaning up the water when I half wondered if people with video cameras were going to jump out and tell me I was being pranked! Ha!

Silver Lining: Looks like I’m getting to re-do my closet and son’s bathroom way sooner than I planned.

Where are the pictures??

I apologize for this blog post missing pictures of all the flood action. I just couldn’t get there with everything going on.

I’ve decided imperfection is okay right now (not so easy for a recovering perfectionist). I’ve decided to move forward accomplishing what I can. I’m giving myself grace to not do every.single.thing. on my to do list.

Sometimes the most important grace we give is to ourselves.

I’m going to take a few days off and catch-up, breathe, and bake Christmas cookies. I’ll be back after Christmas with a vengeance!

All this chaos is just making me more excited for the Declutter Challenge. I’m so excited for the chance to get my home settled, finally!!


Merry Christmas!


Don’t forget your Declutter Printable Pack!!


10 thoughts on “Water Lalapalooza #2 (Yep, Number TWO)

  1. Oft forgot, but well said, “Sometimes the most important grace we give is to ourselves.”. I like that. Merry Christmas !

  2. Oh! I’m soo sorry! Life happens, and sometimes it’s not fun! i’m glad that you are taking it in stride. Enjoy baking cookies!

  3. I’m excited about the challenge. ..but my biggest concern right now is what to do with all my keepsake letters and cards. I have though about scanning them and having them printed and put into a spiral bound book, but that would take too long. Any suggestions?

    1. LOL! It’s okay, I’m ready to forget Flood #2 and just focus on the Decluttering for a while. It may be hard to not notice when men are in my home doing re-conconstruction repairs, but I’m going to try to ignore. ;)

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