Love Your Home this year.

Love Your Home this year at Mary ORGANIZES -V

Even though I’ve been blogging for 5 years now, I think last year I finally settled on the real mission of my blog. I want to help people love their homes again (or for the first time ever).

On the blog, every year is a clean slate and we start over.

We declutter.

We spring clean.

We figure out cleaning routines.

We conquer the garage.

We organize.

We decorate.

We plan.

We handle life’s chaos that affect our homes – Home Management Routines, Back to School help, Holiday Organizing help, and more.

I truly believe that if I help you love your home again, I’m helping you create peace and happiness in your homes. How we feel about our homes and what happens in our homes absolutely affect each other. 

When its clean, we have more patience. When the clutter is gone, we have hope in what’s to come. When it’s organized, we have more time for what matters. Loving our homes means a happier life.

And if you follow me, I’m going to get you there step by step!

We start the year with a bang – decluttering! And from there, we get through the rest. Every year, it just gets better.

I know you are busy with the Declutter Challenge, but I just wanted you to know that I will be with you every step of the way this year as you do the work to love your homes again.



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10 thoughts on “Love Your Home this year.

  1. Mary, so grateful for you. With your guidance I am falling in love with my home and have some amazing memorable experiences with family and friends. Thank you!

  2. Just taking a break from my “positive declutter” all morning. So happy, husband NOT stressed! Wow you are an inspiration. Small steps every day and a positive attitude equal LOVE ❣Thank you.

  3. So glad I signed up for this! Last weeks task was great! Although I don’t have a designated laundry room, I tidied up the area I have and searched Pinterest for some unique ways of storing dryer sheets, laundry pods, etc. Now for this weeks challenge, well…..I’m putting it aside for now. It’s my babysit the grandkids week, plus as already a few commitments on my calendar before I signed up. Doing a kitchen declutter required more days than I had open! So I’m not stressing, I’ll pickup with next weeks’s challenge & keep this one on the side!

  4. Reading your blog has really helped me get motivated to declutter and organize at home. It’s also changed my thinking and helped me battle my all-or-nothing perfectionist tendencies. I especially love how you point out that when we keep things around “in case”, their value diminishes while they sit. This makes so much sense and I had never thought of it this way before. Just today I decluttered a closet (five large garbage bags out to trash, recycling, or donation!) and used that tip – e.g. “Honestly, if I keep this jacket around until I can fit into it again, the elastic will be dried out. Better to have someone else use it now.” I am single and live in an apartment, so don’t have all of the same types of home areas you’ve put on the 90 Day Declutter schedule, but I divided my place into 13 zones that need work and am trying to work on one each week. Thank you and keep up the excellent blog!

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