Week #1 – Laundry Room {91 Day Declutter Challenge}


Welcome to the first week of the Declutter Challenge! I am so excited to start this adventure again. I wait all year for this!

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**When I call this a Declutter Challenge, I do mean challenge. There will be hard days during the next 91 days, but you can do hard things. Keep reminding yourself of what you want your home to be like in 91 days. If you do the work, it can happen. You can make excuses or make it work; I hope you choose to make it work!

Now on to your assignment for the week …

Week #1 – Laundry Room

Here are the areas to declutter each day to do the laundry room. If you do not have a specific room for laundry, declutter the area where you do the laundry or keep laundry supplies.

Monday – upper cabinets and shelves

Tuesday – above and below washer and dryer

Wednesday – drawers

Thursday – lower cabinets

Friday – closet and remaining furniture

Saturday – floor

Sunday – rest for the week ahead


More Inspiration for the Laundry Room


Important Declutter Posts


Happy Decluttering!


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20 thoughts on “Week #1 – Laundry Room {91 Day Declutter Challenge}

  1. Just found the challenge on Pinterest. I missed the 50% off sale for the printable (creating a working budget is another challenge my husband and I are working on for our family in 2017!) so I won’t be purchasing it. I noticed you mentioned printable checklists in the printable. Is that similar to your daily breakdown in the process of organizing? I am so excited to have found this challenge by the way! I follow one every year, but yours is the first I have felt compelled to join! Thank you!

    1. The printables are on sale now, and there is a bundle that is an incredible deal. Soon, they’ll be at full price, so it is still a good time to grab one. :)

      So glad you found us! I’m glad you’re joining in!!

  2. Thank you very much for the motivation!!! My laundry room happens to be also the entry (side of the house) and no cabinets at all, just one shelf… so I keep the bare minimum there. But still found what to get rid of! Figured since I don’t have much decluttering to do, might as well clean the area good:) all done for the week!

  3. Well here I am again Mary! LOL! The third time and i still have junk. I realized I don’t always get rid of enough stuff I just move it around or straighten it. I am going to try again.

  4. Thank you so much for your motivating & inspiring blog! Love it! Downloaded the printable Declutter Pack, opened a Facebook account strictly (at least for now) to be part of this group to help stay on track but must not have been approved or something. Any suggestions about what I need to do?

    1. Sometimes if a Facebook profile looks fishy, the moderators won’t add it! A brand new account without friends would be a red flag! Do you have a different facebook account. If not, I can tell the moderators about your new account. They try really hard to keep the group safe.

      1. That’s probably what’s happened. No, I don’t have another Facebook account. Finding your blog is what finally nudged me to join now! Anything you can do would be appreciated! Thank you!

          1. Thanks for your help! I have been added & I’m so excited! Did my laundry room but looking forward to this next week in the kitchen with some support from group! Thanks again & hope you’re feeling better now.

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