Week #2 – Kitchen & Pantry {91 Day Declutter Challenge}


This is week two of the Declutter Challenge! Don’t worry if you are just joining us now or didn’t complete week 1 as you hoped – jump right in with us here.

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Now on to your assignment for the week …

Week #2 – Kitchen & Pantry

Here are the areas to declutter each day to complete the kitchen & pantry. If you do not have a specific pantry area, spend that extra time on your kitchen.

Monday – fridge and freezer

Tuesday – pantry

Wednesday – cabinets

Thursday – drawers

Friday – counters

Saturday – remaining furniture and floor

Sunday – rest for the week ahead


More Inspiration for the Kitchen & Pantry


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Happy Decluttering!


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8 thoughts on “Week #2 – Kitchen & Pantry {91 Day Declutter Challenge}

  1. This week is definitely going to challenge me But I’m determined and I WILL see this challenge through.
    One question that I have is that I do not have a pantry in my kitchen (or anywhere in my home), and I am envious of everyone who does..lol. Do you have any specific suggestions as to utilize my cabinets,lazy Susan, etc. in order to gain the maximum benefit? I do have a fairly good size kitchen (not huge), but plenty of cabinet space. I am just not sure how to organize food,dishes,pots and pans,and everything else that should be in the kitchen all in my cabinets.:( But this has always been my downfall.
    There will definitely be alot of purging going on this week and I am excited for that I just don’t know the best way to utilize every space I have.
    Thank you for all of your help and for the amazing resources you’ve provided this far. It is very much appreciated.

    1. After you declutter and it is time to organize, there are definitely ways to do it. Every cabinet situation is different, so if you could share pictures of yours in the group – I think you’d get lots of suggestions.

  2. Hi Mary I’ve been following your blog for a few months. One night I was literally in tears because I found myself feeling so beat up by housework….and I found your website and my whole life changed. My husband for some reason absolutely loves super tidy…lol..you’ve made us a team again and now neither of us feel overwhelmed about the cleaning. I’ve been ill so today is my first day doing the challenge but I can’t believe how awesome it feels to have cabinets that I use every day look so neat….I don’t have to fight through he Tupperware to find a matching lid, and I had no idea until today how much our mismatched silverware irritates my poor husband lol….I didn’t have to convince him that we should donate everything and get a new set. I can’t explain how much more peace I have because of your help and I’m telling all my friends!! Thank you :)

    1. That is so awesome!!!!! I’m so glad you found me and thank you so much for letting me know about the progress – this really does help me keep going at it. :)

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