Week #3 – Dining Room & Entries {91 Day Declutter Challenge}


This is week three of the Declutter Challenge! Don’t worry if you are just joining us now or have missed some of the previous challenge tasks – jump right in with us here.

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Week #3 – Dining Room & Entries

Here are the areas to declutter each day to complete the dining room and entries. If you do not have a specific dining room, declutter the area around your table. Same for entries, if you do not have a foyer by your front door or mud area by your back door, simply focus on the areas surrounding any doors in and out of your home.

Monday – hutch or china cabinet

Tuesday – table and counters

Wednesday – musical instruments and accessories

Thursday – remaining furniture and floors

Friday – Entry: front door area

Saturday –Entry: back door area

Sunday – rest for the week ahead


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Happy Decluttering!


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2 thoughts on “Week #3 – Dining Room & Entries {91 Day Declutter Challenge}

  1. Hi Mary- I fell into the trap where I feel like I didn’t do a good enough job and I want to decluttering the kitchen more…..at the same time I haven’t taken things to goodwill and I want to keep things too….lol. What is going on here!

    1. Classic self-sabotage. Get those things out of the house and move on to the next part of the challenge. Progress, not perfection is the most successful route.

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