Kitchen Transformation in Progress {Renovation Update Phase 3}

Kitchen Update and Transformation in progress -v

It’s been a little while since an update on all the renovation happening around here. Things have just been so exciting with the Holidays and start of the Declutter Challenge and well, construction going on. All of this happened before Thanksgiving and before Flood #2 (I can laugh about it now).

The timing of updating our kitchen island and kitchen counters happened sooner than expected because of Waterlalapalooza 2016 #1, but plans were already in motion for this to happen anyway. It made sense to mess with it in the big domino effect of other things being re-done too. Right, this makes sense … add crazy to crazy??? Good, I thought so.

This is what my kitchen counter and backsplash looked like before all the changes. So many changes are coming – tile, backsplash, shape and height of island, cabinets re-finished (in progress, but mostly done), new counters, new dishwasher, new sink and fixtures, and new paint on walls.

Kitchen Update - Kitchen Before 1

And this is what the counter looked like today, with my 4-year-old and his light-saber bombing several photos. At one point I told him the invisible bad guy was BEHIND me, so he got out of a few photos. (I’m still in the midst of decorating and dealing with flood #2 – so just pretend these pictures are gorgeous and stylized!)

Kitchen Update - Finished 2

See that gorgeous backsplash?

Kitchen Update - Backsplash 1

Kitchen Update - Backsplash 2

The process to install these were not as painless as hoped. They surprised me and ended up cutting the hole in the counter for the stovetop IN my kitchen. Quartz dust was everywhere! I mean, everywhere!

Kitchen Update - Mess 2

I spent at least a few hours removing quartz dust just from under the stove (not including having to wash every dish in my kitchen and wipe every surface).

Kitchen Update - Mess 1

In summary, here was the transformation …

Kitchen Update - The Transformation

I’ve had light granite before, which I liked, but quartz is even easier to maintain … meaning, you don’t have to maintain it. **Hallelujah!** One less thing in my life to deal with, phew.

Look at that beautiful counter!

Kitchen Update - Finished -h

We are really enjoying all of the changes in the kitchen!! I’m still getting used to cooking in my new kitchen, but it is pretty fun to cook on that big island with my kids all around me.

I know I’m behind on renovations, because in real time, they are painting baseboards and walls tomorrow from flood #2!




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    1. I’m so sorry I don’t know. I went to the tile store and picked one and the sales lady ordered it for my contractor. Sorry! It is a pretty basic marble subway tile if that helps. I’ve seen versions in lots of places.

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