Organizing Nail Polish & Essential Oils {5 Minute Organizing}

Organizing Nail Polish and Essential Oils -v

My master bedroom is normally my sanctuary, but right now it looks like a closet exploded all over it. The floor and part of the wall were ruined in this last flood, so everything had to come out for the repairs. While I’m excited to freshen that space up a little, I’m starting to go a little crazy.

When life gets crazy, just do what you can! (That is the mantra playing in my head.) I decided for me that meant organizing something that has been on my mind. I love 5 minute organizing projects for quick fixes that ease the mind! The longest part of this was deciding which organizing shelf to order and waiting for it to arrive.


Organized Nail Polishes

Not only do I love having painted nails, but I have three daughters too. The thing is, I have a control issue with nail polishes. I’ve tried to figure out what scares me about nail polishes, but I don’t like the idea of them floating around the house. I mean, I let my kids play with glitter and play-doh without blinking an eye, but nail polish?! It needs to stay in my bathroom and they need to ask before using, just so that I can remind them to put a rag down under where they’re painting. I know, I have problems.

Adding the polishes to the shelf was easy – trickiest part was deciding how I wanted them displayed, and that wasn’t hard. I have the nail polish organized by color groups. After I took this photo, I realized I want to branch out with my color choices …

Organizing Nail Polish -s

I do keep this little basket nearby for the things that don’t go on the shelf. Having everything put together helps me do my nails easily when the mood strikes.

Organizing Nail Polish -h


Organized Essential Oils

I was really just looking for a solution for organizing my nail polishes, but when I saw so many people in the product reviews discuss using it for essential oils, I decided to solve two organizing problems at once. I organized the essential oils alphabetical per brand.

Organizing Essential Oils -s


About the Shelf

It was a lot harder shopping for the actual shelf than I thought. Ones that seemed the right size got terrible reviews, and some of the popular ones didn’t fit my style.

Ironically, after all the time spent looking, I went with the first one I bookmarked, which was “Amazon’s Choice” for me. I ordered two so that I’d have enough space for everything.

(This is the shelf I bought.)

Acrylic Shelf Organizer for Nail Polish and Essential Oils


Installing It

The shelf has holes in the acrylic for easy hanging. I used picture hangers (same ones I use to hang nearly everything), hammer, pencil, and level. I held the shelf where I wanted it on the wall, then marked in the holes with a pencil. Then it was easy to install the the picture hangers in the right spot over the pencil markings. I put it in the linen closet in my bathroom where there is a little extra wall space next to the shelves. (You can tell all of my towels were in the laundry today and toilet paper is on the way.)

Organizing Nail Polish and Essential Oils -v2

Easy, easy!

And I love it!

Organizing Nail Polish and Essential Oils -v3


Happy Organizing!


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