Week #9 – Playroom & Family Room {91 Day Declutter Challenge}


This is week nine of the Declutter Challenge! Don’t worry if you are just joining us now or have missed some of the previous challenge tasks – jump right in with us here.

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Now on to your assignment for the week …

Week #9 – Playroom and Family Room

Here are the areas to declutter each day to complete the Playroom and Family Room. If you do not have a specific playroom or family room, this is the week to work on the toy area. If there aren’t kids in your home, work on a sitting area you may have in your home besides your living room.

Monday – tops of tables and furniture

Tuesday – media center

Wednesday – shelves and cubbies

Thursday – cabinets and containers

Friday – couches

Saturday – any remaining surfaces, area, and floor

Sunday – rest for the week ahead


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Happy Decluttering!


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