Inspiring Bathroom Decor for Girls

Raising girls is terrifying. To all the moms out there who have it all figured out – I’m impressed. I do not think I have it all figured out. I just keep trying my hardest. I hope my efforts will help my girls always remember their worth.

There was a list of things I wanted my girls to remember about themselves, so a few years ago I put up reminders in their bathroom. I’ve recently re-done them to give a new look, but I still liked the original list of reminders. This is the original:

Mantras for My Girls

  • I am strong.
  • I am kind.
  • I am smart.
  • I am worthy.
  • I am good.
  • I am loved.

I added one to the reminders this time, because it seems more important than ever.

  • I am enough.

In our Arkansas home, I had a very bright color scheme for my girls’ rooms. This shower curtain is the item I am most frequently asked about. So, in case you want to know, this is the shower curtain that we still use/love.

In our current Texas home, I decided to go with a more muted, but still colorful color palette for the girls’ bedrooms and bathroom. And I wanted to change up the style, because I feel like my first attempt was a rough draft. The whole calligraphy and watercolor decor is so trendy right now. I don’t normally care about trendy decor, but I happen to love the look of calligraphy and watercolor…

I decided to give it a go myself on cold-pressed paper and watercolor markers(I took a class from Melissa Esplin – she is amazing! I am still in the learning-phase, obviously.)

I had my girls pick their favorite to go in the feature frame. I have 1 gold frame and 5 silver frames, so I want to feature the most important message. I’m glad my girls agreed about what was most important to remember: I am loved.

Now I have them all framed, I am just waiting 2 days for the picture hanging hooks to arrive and I’ll put these babies up.

Do What I Can and Hope for the Best

If these reminders help my girls only a little bit, it will be worth it. I would do anything for my baby tween girls who are on the verge of becoming full-fledged teenage girls. 

But to be real, young girls aren’t the only ones that need inspiring artwork. I blogged in the past about decorating with meaning in my bathroom. I used the same decor in my new space. These pictures remind me of the amazing things my body has done, so that I’m a little kinder to myself in the mirror. (My new bathroom tray is a $0.79 plate from Target.)

Do you use decor to inspire yourself or your family? I love beautiful things, but I like it better when the beautiful things are inspiring too.

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