2017 Spring Cleaning Challenge

Introducing the 2017 Spring Cleaning Challenge! 

Last year, the whole focus was on creating a good maintenance plan, so that the deep cleaning can happen year round. While I still want to help you set up good habits and routines by the end of this challenge, this year I want to focus on doing a good deep clean.

We are going to deep clean the entire house in about 3 weeks. I think CHALLENGE is definitely the right word for this 3 week blitz! Even if it is hard, it will be soooo worth it. Imagine getting a fresh start with a clean house?! Doesn’t that sound amazing? I think so … let’s do it.

This is the calendar (this is customizable in the printable pack):


How To Participate

There are 2 ways to participate.

# 1 – Follow Along with the Calendar and Blog Posts.

Download the Spring Cleaning Calendar for FREE. Though this file isn’t customizable, it is a good outline to guide you through Spring Cleaning. Plus, in addition to all of the good cleaning tutorials I’ve already posted, I will be adding more good info on the blog during the challenge.

#2 – Use the Printable Pack 

I’ve designed this Spring Cleaning Pack to be so full of all the good stuff you need to Spring Clean. And the best part is, it is CUSTOMIZABLE! That means you can move around or change the daily assignment in the calendar and adapt the checklists to fit your house. There are even more instructions and printables to help you maintain after Spring Cleaning!

So Many Checklists

In the Printable Pack, you can get a specific checklist for each day (and can change it if you need). This is what the Bathroom Checklist looks like. ALL the fields are editable, even the ones filled out already. There are 11 different checklists for different areas of the house:

How To Guide

There is also a How To Guide, which will answer a lot of your questions about how to clean certain things!

So Many Printables to help you stay organized after you Spring Clean!

There are Home Management Printables, like this Cleaning and Laundry Schedule Printable. There is a sample schedule to use as a guide when you’re creating your own.

There is a Kids Chore List Printable that is editable, also with a sample list.


On the blog coming up, I will be showing how I use these Checklists all year long as torture devices for my children real-life training for my children.

This Printable Pack will really help you complete this challenge successfully. I created it so that you could love it and enjoy organizing your Spring Cleaning this year.

Purchase a Spring Cleaning Printable Pack!

Your First Assignment

Your first assignment is to get ready for the cleaning. Make sure your cleaning supplies and tools are in order! I share my recommendations in Spring Cleaning Must Haves:

And while you’re getting ready to clean, do not forget the Printable Pack, especially THE CHECKLISTS! If you’re going to Spring Clean, the pack is worth it!

Ready or Not … It’s Spring and time to clean!

Spring is here, so open your windows and let the cleaning begin. I’m so excited to start another challenge with you. I’m always so invigorated by the fresh start each challenge gives me. 

Let me know if you have any questions about the challenge or this week’s offer from Grove. Will you be Spring Cleaning?

Happy Spring!

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Don’t forget to get your Spring Cleaning Printable Pack and get ready for a very clean house!

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    1. I tried the Mrs. Meyer’s stuff when I started working with Grove Collaborative on these offers. I use both now, but wanted to make sure everyone knew about the special deal now. I still love the Shaklee stuff too. I’ve found its fun to occasionally use something with a scent that is already prepped. :)

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